Sunday, June 24, 2018

lost and found

I sit with my dilemma at the Marseille airport arrivals terminal for awhile. More than awhile. My phone is running out of juice. Daughter's phone is a replacement for her and still isn't communicating properly with me.

Anybody remember back in the old days when you waited at the counter at American Express in Paris for a letter from home -- usually responding to pleas for money?

Or the special phone booths in foreign countries where you could spring for the expense of an overseas call to touch bases at home?

Not to mention mailing the canisters of 35 mm exposed film or slides home for processing, to be retrieved from your post office  when you get back.

Anyway, this is my pity-party for lapses in instant communication. I've reported my missing suitcase to Air France, a process which takes an inordinately long time, especially to the disgruntled folks who are still behind even one in the line. I've had a brief phone contact with Daughter who ought to be arriving on the next flight. Sister and BIL  should arrive shortly from London, albeit in the international arrivals terminal rather than domestic.

I could call the hotel shuttle, and let the rest of them do their own summoning, or hunker down on the hard-as-a-rock couch in the terminal. I prop my feet up on my luggage cart and doze. I wake up to watch for Daughter's arrival and see two suitcases slowing circling on carousel 4. I see a flash of orange. My baggage ribbon. I run to snatch the bag from its endless journey. I fear this is an out-of-protocol recovery and notify lost baggage about my find. I've lost my lost baggage paperwork, but I have the suitcase here, in hand, with all kinds of taggage.  Futzing around again with the still slow-processing, I miss daughter's arrival and find her wandering, with her bag already claimed in the arrivals area and desperate for the closest WC.

By the time we drain our radiators, an hour-and-a-half has passed and now my sister and BIL are scheduled to arrive in 20 minutes at the Marseille International Terminal. The construction project that has messed with the airport pickup and drop off zones for ages is complete. Daughter and I walk across the space between terminals and see on the board that the London to Marseille flight landed 20 minutes earlier. The status of the flight is noted as "debarquement."

Landed and not yet putting in an appearance.

Writing for June 12 on June 12

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