Sunday, June 17, 2018

Little Pocket Itineraries

Packing for the Summer trip ... Notes on the Run #2 for June 

I've written about these before, rather at length.  There are even pictures here somewhere, showing adorable covers with pictures. I've showed them in array and described the process. And I love retaining them as reminders of good times and a collection of vital dates and other trip info.

I won't rehash incidents in which running late on my Little Book has actually been life threatening. Scary.

Since I'm usually in a panic to finish one by trip departure time, my new plan for this year is simply to print an itinerary on a piece of paper, kind of like you'd get from the travel agent but not on fancy paper.

I begin that process but find it doesn't include ... my personal travel checklists, info about insurance, contacts in case of emergency. Well, so on and so on. I'd have to create discrete pages, reformat, blah blah blah.

This is no easier. I grab my now-large, disorganized pile of papers and haul them to my sister's house (where I stage for the airport on the eve of the trip), so I won't be driving all night with no sleep. I can work on it there. If I'm up all night, no problem. Like I said in my first note, my good intentions devolved into the usual chaos. Right now, there is a large packet of raw materials in my suitcase as I head out on the trip. I'm assuming all the info I'll need is in there.

I love my little pocket itineraries. If only I can persuade myself to finish on time; if only I can travel again, I'll do it next time. I'm at the "this may be the last trip" age.

Written on June 10


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