Saturday, June 16, 2018

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Packing for the Summer trip ... Notes on the Run for June 

On the one hand, I studied up on a frequent traveler's wardrobe and packing tips that would keep my trip prep smooth and organized. It helped me, to a degree, but did not stop other instances of trip prep from devolving into the usual chaos.

She's a frequent traveler, a light-weight traveler She admires the Osprey Ozone 22" bag, since it weighs in under four pounds. I have several luggage transfers this trip. Sounds brilliant. A click on Amazon and it's here the next day. 

The postal clerk remarks on the largeness of the package and picks it up to carry it out to the car for me.

"But it's light," I assure him. Except for the awkwardness of the carrying it, there's no problem unloading it from my car at home. 

It's gorgeous. I chose a bright turquoise, It has a light but strong metal frame, rather like a backpack.

And a million pockets. I love it and it really does weigh under four pounds.  I unbuckle and unfurl and open it up and stare at it.

And ultimately realize that if I'm so good at forgetting where I put things in an open suitcase, I'll never again find anything if I stow it in a little pocket.

I tape it up back in the box, print a return label, and take it to the UPS drop off at the pharmacy. The credit is issued to my account within two hours of printing the label.

Damn, they're good!

I think my savvy traveler's clothing choice method will work out, though.

Me, as a usually do.  "I might need these pants, those shorts, scarves don't take up much room, cute shirt, what about these shoes?"

Her. She designates a finite number of each type of item. Three pants, two tanks, a few blouses. Each item must wearable with any and all of the others. Lay them out and confirm. Duh, say all of you natural-borne packers. But it makes me focus. I can't bring every color of jeans I like, nor every shirt that might go with it. Double duh. In the end, I pack only two pairs of identical sandals to make my feet happy. (Well, as well as my carefully coordinated clothing choices.)

I guess I'll save "another lesson bungled" for next time.                                              

June 9, my 81st birthday.

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