Monday, May 7, 2018

Les rochers et les remparts du Mont Saint Michel

Rocks and ramparts of Mont St. Michel

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I've been meandering slowly and sequentially through my 2017 travels in France in my past few blogs. Then, I got involved in a conversation on Facebook that sent me looking for a photo I'd taken in a few days later on the trip. The search took me up Mont Saint Michel and pictures of fabulous stone buildings and hilltop views, a prime example of what led me to write Rocks in My Head -- Back up to the Chateau .  Well then, here we jump ahead a bit in time to Rocks and Ramparts!, although it's now further in the past than when I first gathered the pictures here.

Maybe you've been there, maybe you've only heard its name. For a brief, non-pedantic view and description of Mont Saint Michel, see this in Atlas Obscura.

I've been to Mont Saint Michel before, back when I was a bit younger and more agile. At that time I made it to the top to the 1300-year-old monastery, with a tour of the inside. I have fearsome memories of the climb and my terror of the heights. This time I intend to go up the rock to the base of the monastery and follow the walkways down the ramparts while the others in our group take the tour.

It's an overcast day as we make the trip in a bus across the causeway to the Mount.

Historic hotel and restaurant on the lower part of the Mount

Entering across a drawbridge

The upward-bound crowd is still light.

A pause to look back

The monastery looms above but I will not continue on. Actually, I started up before the rest
of the group, and they pass me with the guide at about this point.

I head to the outer edges of the settlement and look around awhile before I head down.

The museum is closed.

There's the causeway. It's been built since I was last here. When the tides come in, Mont Saint Michel is surrounded. Parking was way out there, and it was a long walk to even get to the base. (Or so it seemed to a dedicated woos such as myself.)

The seagulls perch on all the high points, and there is a little video following this picture that give an idea of the cacophony they create.

Give a listen . . .

It's ill-advised to wander out on the sands unaccompanied by a local guide. Some of that sand is quick-sand.

Someone's toy has fallen from the window of this house. It's a long way down there!                         

Hanging the rain gear outside to drip . . . a long long way down if it falls like the toy did.   

Currently unoccupied?

French flag in a window

Pt 1 - The Summer Trip  see here    
Pt 2 - The Summer Trip  see here
Pt 3 - The Summer Trip  see here
Pt 4 - The Summer Trip  see here
Pt 5 - The Summer Trip  see here
Pt 6 - The Summer Trip  see here

I'll end the 2017 travel season here, since the 2018 travel season is already underway.  I make pledges to myself to write shorter blogs more frequently.  We'll see.