Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A verdant autumn in Giverny

One of the best known and most beautiful places in France, and maybe the world, is Monet's Garden at Giverny. I've been there several times, in slightly different seasons. Spring and summer have the most riotous colors and biggest variety of blooming plants. I love the time of year when the water lilies are abloom on the ponds. I saw them at their very best on my first visit. It was probably May. My last visit was two years ago in late September. I'll take you on a  quiet stroll through the garden, without much commentary.

The predominant color is green, accented by splashes of color in a range of reds and pinks, and in yellows and oranges. They are accents, not a bonanza.

Here's a map, just for a little orientation. If you actually want to read it, click on it to enlarge it. We enter at the group entrance at #1 at the lower left corner of the garden.  We disburse. I take the passageway under the road (#9) to the water garden on the right. I stroll generally counterclockwise on the perimeter trail around the water.

Some delicate pink blossoms and people provide a subtle contrast to the green.

And blue here. (Blue is a shade of red, right?)

The colors are soft. There has been rain today, the sky shifting between overcast and brightness.

Some puffy clouds and blue skies reflect in the water.

A boating gardener, ever at work in clearing the water.

Here! A couple of nympheas. I'm not seeing many this trip. I have no clue what the penis-like thing protruding from the water is. I never noticed until I cropped the photo to get a close up of the lilies. Perhaps an emergent lily?

Sunlight highlights the willow tree.

Do you recognize this? It's the Japanese bridge, famously and frequently painted by Monet, and a place to stand for your friends to photograph you, especially if you're Japanese.

One of Monet's versions (1897), at a green time of year, and with water lilies:

I cross back under the roadway and meander through the garden on the other side. There are more people and more color in the dry zone. Look how tall many of the flowers are.

Someone across the street on the north side of the garden has a good view.

Intense photographers.

This is the view from an upstairs room in Monet's maisson. No pictures are allowed of the interior, but one may take pictures of the outside.

It strikes me that there are miniature sheep grazing on the grass  beyond ths bucolic arbor.

A closer look shows ... something that has probably grown from bulbs.

Cheepers here, for Nina C. (edit: I'm so sorry for your loss, Nina. I just read it.)

This is the loveliest cluster of benches. I've eaten lunch sitting here in the past.


  1. Beautiful. I love it there in iris season!

  2. Wonderful soothing photos! Thank you, Lee I.

  3. This might be my favorite post of yours as Giverny is one of the few places in (near) Paris I haven't seen. (Versailles is the other--don't ask!)
    Both are on my short list of places to visit on this next trip and am super excited. BTW, your pictures are fantastic!!

  4. This is a beautiful post, Lee! It makes me feel as if I have been there (again). And actually, this time I was able to enjoy it even more than the first time. (Never mind why! :-) Thank you for taking such care to share the beauty of Giverny with others.

  5. Therein lies a tale? Thank you so much for your kind comments, Janet.