Monday, June 15, 2015

It's been cool, until the Quilt Stroll

Every two years, the quilt guild in the little mountain (or foothill -- it's right on the cusp) town of Groveland, California, holds a Quilt Stroll, hanging quilts over everything that stands still. All the locals turn out to stroll, to look at quilts, to buy local hand-made crafts and foods, and to meet-and-greet. The northern-most highway into Yosemite passes through the center of town and not-a-few curious tourists peel off the caravan of cars to take a look around.

Last June, the Quilt Stroll was well-warmed by temperatures over 100°. You can see the first of two blogs I did on it here. This year stroll planners have tried to keep more quilts in shade, and the vendors in inside venues. Although it's beautiful to see quilts fluttering from clotheslines in the park, they are very difficult to string up, and keep up if it's windy. People also commit the quilt show sin of Touching the Quilts. So quilts are missing from the park this year.

This has been a weird weather year. There's the California drought you've likely heard about, almost no snow nor rain in this neighborhood, yet temperatures have been almost chilly until a couple of weeks ago. Until a few days ago the daily forecasts leading up to this weekend wobbled around a lot between 95° and 104°. As a quilt stroll attendee, I've certainly been cheering and groaning as Saturday predictions go up and down. I'm sure stroll organizers feel the same.  Attendance took a hit in last year's heat.

I don't actually manage to get myself there at opening at 9 a.m. to beat the heat. I snag a parking space in the commuter lot behind the jail. Last year I think I tried to take a picture of every quilt. This year is more like a sampling. I risk hurting the feelings of unphotographed quilts. I've got plenty of pictures here, but I mostly post them for the looking and lighten up on the narrative.

Here goes.

This is the jail. Quilts are hung on the exterior and there is a little quilt lesson going on at a picnic table behind the jail.

Across the little street from the jail:

Be forewarned. Here's what happens if you touch the quilts and that jail is maybe 75 feet away.

Irresistibly cute kitty cats.

On Main Street


At the Groveland Hotel

This VW has been a staple at community events in the area for many years. You could have an opportunity to help paint it. It was much more psychedelic in some of that era. I think it has not had a public painting in quite awhile.

The fire station

I grab the maker of these little folded log cabin blocks. "I want to touch the quilt. I want to see how they are made."  She laughs and moves on. She's a busy lady.

This is a two-color quilt, kind of Mondrian in style. I take a close-up to show the interesting quilting on it.

This is a big quilt. I'm loving the small scrappy blocks on print backgound. It's a quilt you'll want to cozy up to.

Chickens. I adore quilt chickens.

If I can get into my quilt studio and quilt sometime soon, maybe I'll have something in the quilt stroll in two years.


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  1. You have lots of beautiful quilts for the quilt show. Is it a requirement they be made that year?