Sunday, November 23, 2014


GROUNDED! November 19
Quilt camp. One of my favorite opportunities to take photos and blog about. But the internet is down, not only at the camp but in the neighborhood, and the AT&T guy up the pole tells our president that they think they find the problem, but they don't. Day two into camp and no solution is projected.
No matter that I think I've finished packing for camp the night before, even though I put everything in the garage for loading in the car in the morning, there is always a lot left to do. Sister and I had made a trip to the Little City Down the Hill the day before and en route, this little light went on in the car.
#1 It's something to do with the engine.
Sister perused the owner's manual as we hurtled down the grade, trying to find the meaning of the symbol. One suggestion was a loose gas cap, but that seems not to be the case. My afternoon was spent at a doctor's appointment, followed by sister's waiting for paint to mix. By the time I called my car dealer, the service shop was closing. The service manager felt obliged to warn me that immediate attention to the matter was strongly advised.
"But if I don't? I have to leave on a trip early in the morning."
He was non-committal.
It didn't take all that long to pack the car, as full as it was, but still it took too long to get under way.  And it was beginning to sprinkle, lending hope for a rainy few days.
#2 – Packed
Still, the upstairs sewing room where I'd be located was not yet crowded, although the few there were hard at work.
#3 – Earliest arrivals at work on their quilts
#4 – Gloomy day, intermittent rain
#5 – Our cars lined up
#6 – The beginnings of a colorful quilt
#8 – The grids . . . I could have used this for a Photo A Day a few weeks ago.
This is the start of one of my projects. I have two quilt kits to cut out, those being the first order of business and maybe lasting for all of camp.
#11 – Colorful array
#12 – Quilt in progress is nearing completion
#13 – Remember the beginnings of this colorful quilt just a few photos ago? Quick worker.
#14 – There is a birthday in the house. I expect we'll have a celebration one of these days.
#15 – A quilt for a young lady and another for her dolly, and farther along, a community quilt
#16 – Rhapsody  in Blue (I couldn't resist all the blue.)
#17 – And here's my project, coming along with the cutting. You can see the pattern, "Heat Wave," there towards the back. That's what it will be when finished.
The big experiment begins. It is said that a blog can be submitted by email. Since I'm unable to work in Blogger, I'm putting this in an email and leaving it in the Outbox, to depart when and if internet  service ever shows up. It will be very strange if the photos don't accompany it in the appropriate locals. (I may not have set blogger to publish automatically, another part of the experiment.)

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