Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Launching Lyon

It was not yet an official tour day, not until our "welcome" gathering at 6:30 pm, or 18:30 as we'll be calling it here in France. The tour has, by the way, the official name "Lyon, Patchwork Europe and Paris: A tour to inspire a quilter's creativity." There are no planned morning activities for today, but a semi-consensus develops that it would be fun to get an overview of Lyon by taking a ride on the Hop On Hop Off bus. Accordingly we agree to meet on the sidewalk outside the hotel, which came to be known as the "outside lobby," due to the absence of an actual lobby in the hotel.

I bring you this artful view in the place where we meet which at first glance may appear to be a blurry photo, but is actually a clever way to see the cute red and white dresses on the models in the store next door and what the architecture looks like on the other side of the street, all in one picture.

We head out for the environs of the tourist office and/or the bus people somewhere in Place Bellecour, where we are advised that the Hop On Hop Off bus is not running. Or it wouldn't be running this afternoon, because. . . . We all look at each other to see whether any of us has apperceived  the "why." He goes on. "But you can take one ride around, but without getting off the bus, because no one will later pick you up." This suits me just fine, because I actually want to take a ride without any walking around. I know we'll be getting enough walking around for the retweaked parts of my body on the rest the trip.

There's a brief palaver while some decide to walk away and some decide to wait, queued up along the curb.

I consider the possibility that this tower is named Bellecour, although it is off the Place a bit. It provides a handy landmark that we (or I) are/am somewhere in the vicinity of the hotel, by a few blocks.

Eventually, the bus comes, and we have a choice between outside seats up top, or inside seats down below. There is a chilly breeze out there this morning, so Suzanne and I opt to sit inside, and the rest go up top. We didn't have the unobstructed view -- thus, no pictures taken through the windows are of adequate quality to publish here -- but neither do we freeze.

Here's the bus, after we do the final Hop Off of the day.

This is Louis XIV in Place Bellecour.

"La basilique notre-dame de fourvière à lyon est un sanctuaire dédié à la vierge marie."

The Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere in Lyon is a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Marie. 
We will visit this on another day.

I see it now. This is sometimes called the upside down elephant.

What !?  Louis XIV again?

We take a late lunch on a restaurant row, not here today. Maybe another time.

À bientôt.


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