Sunday, July 6, 2014

The big point of it all . . .

. . . lavender!

Officially I think it's called Experience Provence, but in my head I call it the Lavender Tour. You'd think if you'd seen one lavender field, you've seen them all. But I just want to see them again. And again. Which is part of the reason I keep coming back. Other reasons to come back are Sunflowers. Red poppies. Columns of cypress trees lined up through the grape fields. (We debate: are these cypresses or juniper? I Google. They look more like cypresses to me.) Plane trees. Les Dentelles. Glanum. Les Alpilles. The old villages. The ambiance of wine tasting, even though I don't drink it. Not such a big fan of French food or ratatouille, but there is tasty pizza and other Italian dishes. Oh, but no one beats the French for croissants, pain au chocolate, a baguette, and a really tasty thing we had whose name I don't know. It has a most subtle crunch on the outside and molten chocolate inside. This may be the best chocolate thing ever and ever.

We don't wait any unduly long times to go out looking for lavender. Last year the lavender was late and "our field" was somewhat of a disappointment at the beginning of the tour. It was reported to be wonderful on the second tour. This year I've taken no chances and have signed up for both tours.

We head out from the villa while the morning is fresh. Sister and Brother-in-Law have decided to take their Morgan car out for this scenic drive. And, of course, give the Morgan its opportunity to be photographed in the lavender fields. We stopped at a pull out to look back over the town of Vinsobres.

Mont Ventoux towers in the background, a beacon all over this part of Provence.

After a few photos there, we on up to the lavender fields. They are glorious this year, putting on their display for us.

Lisa in the roadway

Let's don't let the lavender totally overshadow all the tiny blossoms that bloom at its edges.

Our people catch a panoramic view from the top of a hill.

And make their way down into the lavender.

The Morgan, BIL and Beth

We finish up the first, but not the last, trip to the lavender fields in Experiencing Provence.

See you soon.


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  1. I can only imagine how fantastic that smells. No wonder you call it the lavender tour.