Monday, May 12, 2014

WARNING: Quilters @ Work, Pt. 2

You might have guessed, when I did the first warning blog about quilters at work, Pt.1, that a Pt. 2 should/would follow. Unfortunately, just because I wish it so, it doesn't always happen. There are several draft blog titles in my portfolio. I had a little jump on this follow up because I split an original selection of 41 photos of April's Quilt Camp in half, because 41 is just too many, but the second half is ready to go.

We're fed well at Quilt Camp at Old Oak Ranch. We have brunch and dinner. This is hamburger night.

Ta dah! This cute applique quilt has reached an important milestone.

Details from this quilt . . .

I'm curious about where the quilter is going with these positive/negative blocks. Hope I get to see the finished product one of these days.

I'm also wondering what these various delicate little triangles are destined for.

Wow! (The little orange things are tags to identify the positions of the blocks.)


It looks like a big quilt but it's small -- a mini? The yellow ruler is 8" long, to provide some scale.

We catch glimpses of beautiful sunsets through the surrounding trees.

Ta dah! A quilt top is completed.

There is interesting texture to this small piece.

Here's its maker. She took the day off to attend a workshop elsewhere to learn these techniques.

The beginnings of the Elvis Quilt there on the sewing machine . . .

The Easter Lily on the food table was given as a gift to one of our ladies who always celebrates her birthday at camp.

A traditional design using untraditional fabrics . . .

A path through the woods outside of camp . . .

Floral designs . . .

The Elvis Quilt is taking shape.

Ta dah! The Elvis Quilt top is complete. The pattern itself was not made for a directional fabric, in
this case, keeping Elvis' name right-side-up, so it was a challenging assembly.

The end, as campers walk up from breakfast to their packed cars to head home.

See you soon.



  1. Okay, I saw the animal block one and thought it would be my favorite. Then the shapes with the orange tags in the center stood out. Then it was the one with textures. So I'm not choosing a favorite. A lot of talent and creativity here. Lovely.

  2. You should be so proud of your handiwork. Love those photos.

    1. Thank you on behalf of all our great quilters.