Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WARNING: Quilters @ Work, Pt 1

Blogging at quilt camp is getting harder. Carefully cut fabric pieces pile up on worktables, sewing machines whir, colorful blocks go up on design walls. Voices murmur in the background, quilters stroll by the snack table, picking up sweets or veggies and cups of coffee, tea or cocoa, gales of laughter raise the decibel level periodically, actually, more frequently as camp goes on. People are making progress all around me and I move with a speed a snail would beat.

Gosh, people assemble blocks, whip out entire quilt tops, make stacks of crafty quilty items for the quilt show boutique. And I plod along. I've got to get my groove back on. I used to be able to turn it out pretty well. I've got to save blogging for after-hours. But there are no after-hours except for the scant few hours of sleep and two trips daily down to the dining hall for meals.

News bulletin: I walked (as in huffed and puffed my way) to and from the dining hall (up and down the hill) for all meals. No excuses. Perfect weather. Beautiful balmy weather each morning as I'd lean off the balcony in my jammies to assess what the day is like.

I'm home now. Quilt camp is over. Now perhaps I can take a little blogging time.



Up on the design wall

Jeri is making dozens and dozens of tiny
half-square triangles and pinwheels for
a beautiful, subtly-colored quilt.

Colorful bobbin threads

Leslie is doing thread work

She is doing a collection of small pieces for a show at the end of the year.

She painstakingly creates thread textures on the hand-dyed fabrics.

Really cheerful quilt top on the ironing board

Quilters @ Work

I wanted to get a close up of the Leopard Lady's
very dimensional leopard T-shirt. She wanted to
show off her Elvis block. More on that next time.

I'll see you later with some more. It's already after after-hours tonight.


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  1. Your quilts always amaze me. I love the one with the colorful flowers. My grandmother had one - and now I do - that is a starburst (or is it called a sunburst?) I'll have to look it up and send you a picture. Very old and very cherished.