Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quilt Camp Stowaway

Day One

I have a circular driveway (more or less). I drive in one side and park in front of the garage. (Soon I hope to park inside.) To leave, I continue forward in the driveway and turn out on the street. The likelihood of someone driving up behind me is so low I seldom look back before proceeding, except for a brief glimpse in the  passenger side-view mirror.

Perchance I looked in the rear-view mirror as I turned the ignition key and closed my door. And thought I had seen two pointy little black ears pop up behind me.

I whirled around to see this. Sami!

If you've been here before, you've heard Sami's tale, from her capture, through spaying, and then her stormy release back into -- outdoor storms.

With the engine still running, I jumped out of the car and ran around the back to open the tailgate window so Sami could flee. Of course, one sight of me coming caused her to leap forward, up over the baggage in the back seat, over the front passenger seat and down into the maze created there by my chair, standing on its head. She blitzed out my front door, alongside the car, past me and off and away alongside the garage. Her cloud of dust still lingers.

Back to this day's beginning, I'd bogged down in packing, etc, etc, etc, the night before, so woke up early anticipating a couple of hours to finish packing up. That couple of hours is never less than four.

Last minute recharging of only three of the electronics. Others had been done the day before.

The car was packed. This is the real thing, not the substitute of an earlier Quilt Camp packing that I'd put up for Photo A Day on Facebook yesterday. Go ahead, click on it to see it in its full glory.

We can officially arrive at camp at nine a.m. It must have been noon by the time I got there. All the way there, a drive of about an hour and a quarter, I kept thanking my lucky stars that I'd spotted Sami before I got underway. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have dared open a door until I was back at home, as she would have been gone in an instant.

I expected to have to find our camp coordinator to arrange help for me to get my stuff to the upstairs work- and sleeping room, but before I'd even gotten out of the car, I was swarmed by a group of young people, asking me for my room number for my personal items and a name for my worktable. They must have had my stuff sorted and delivered in ten minutes, certainly a record. I told them to leave the blue trunk "1" (upper right corner above). I intercepted the tire chains on time. I have the bag with paper towels and window cleaner in the workroom and an empty car.

A little Easter basket with a pink rabbit and a nice selection of Easter-themed M&Ms greeted each of us at our worktables.

My current project is trying to finish up the 1998 Block of the Month from the Quilt Guild (12 blocks, one themed for each month). I had worked on an applique Santa at last fall's quilt camp. I'm creating the star borders around the edge of the applique portion of the block. I'm making these half-square triangles using the measurements in the directions. Unfortunately those measurements are incorrect. These are way too large to create the border. With a little experiment, I discovered it wasn't necessary to unsew everything I had done. They could be cut down, but that's not a good start to my projects!

There is lots of industry in the room.,

Our first camp meal together is dinner, and most of us walked down to the dining hall through a beautiful, balmy evening. As slowest walker in the group, I walked back solo part of the way. This sturdy bicycle was parked at this tree. I thought at the time that it was tightly chained to the tree, but I don't see that in the photo.

The sun was lowering behind the trees, but there is a deep valley extending beyond the trees, so the sun wouldn't completely set for quite awhile.

There the other walkers go, up the road ahead of me. I will take those stairs on the left -- I think I counted 58 or 68 of them, with a lot of ramp as well -- and I will catch up with some of them at the top, because, as I keep telling them, the stairway is shorter. Way shorter.

Now later still, beyond the valley, the sun is finally setting. I've gone outside to take a picture of "DARK" for April Photo A Day, coming upon the colors of the sunset in their final stages.

Looking in from the DARK outside:

The moon is not as full as it appears here. I cannot hand hold my camera still enough, even leaning with behind and elbow against a wall, not to fuzz a picture of the moon.

More on another day.



  1. Good think Sami didn't come along with you… looks like you are having fun.

  2. I almost feel like I'm there......almost.