Friday, January 10, 2014

Busting Out

After a few days of doing nothing that lends itself to a photo (my breakfast has no beauty to it -- although, come to think of it, I've been working on a small basket of raspberries -- nor does my granola bar lunch, nor a selfie of me in front of a computer), I've finally had a few occasions to get out of the house. (Frission -- or frisson: correct spelling is debated -- of excitement, hey?)

I wish I could manage to get to sleep at night (or morning) before 3 AM, because those 9 AM meetings are just hell. The first Monday of the month is the Soroptimist Board Meeting. I was up, but was I really there? In any case, it got me out and about and taking photos of MY TOWN for the January 3rd Photo A Day group on Facebook. I collaged it, because it's hard to typify our little town in just one photo. At least not without risky standing-in-the-middle-of-the-highway.

Our Soroptimist members' meeting is held at the library twice a month, and this week there were quilts on display which are for sale. These were in my little corner of the room and particularly drew me by their intricate quilting patterns.

Between stopping off at my "unattended" mailbox and the UPS delivery truck, I was greeted by a bunch of packages when I got home.

Two "short" racks for my under-house storage area, which has too low
a "ceiling" to use big racks like I assembled for my quilting studio.

"Fun things" like Turbo Tax and vitamins and supplements,
then a Blu-ray/DVD player that says it does a lot of other things.
An additional cable is required. In the box of cables I stashed
in the basement, I could not find a spare HDMI cable.

Thursday brought "Thursdays Out" at NeedleCrafts. Our numbers were up post-holiday, with a winter visitor from Montana, and a busy local who will come time to time.

Sandy has finished this sweater she has been knitting,
and has only to find a San Francisco 49ers patch and some gold buttons.

Our Montana visitor brought in cards she makes with embroidery on paper.
She will be giving the gals who are interested a mini-class on how to do it.

Phyllis is cross-stitching cards on that plastic web stuff whose name I don't know. 

I'm almost done appliqueing the 6th Quilt Tile block
made from my blue-and-whites from Provence. I don't
know how many I will do. Either until I run out of
fabric or I get tired of the pattern.

Barbara's granddaughter wants THAT sweater, the one with the panda on it.

Meanwhile, the yogis, who worked on the original remodeling and decorating this room for community use, are redecorating now, putting mirrors along the bottom of the walls and murals farther up.

Is someone watching us?

This mural originally looked like a view from Glacier Point at Half Dome and other prominent geological features last week when the muralist began, but by this week, it looks like it may have been collaged from other parts of Yosemite and the Buddha hung on the existing hook.

There is one tiny piece of unadorned wall and we're thinking we need to put up a quilt or some tiny knit sweaters to kind of "make it our own," too, in the current HGTV jargon.

NeedleCrafts was followed by a trip to the Little City Down the Hill for a major dose of shopping' You know . . . the kind where you make an eclectic list (including an HDMI cable) of all the things you forgot on previous trips at half a dozen stores. I chose Thursday specifically because I rationed out Jean-Luc's treats, which play a part in administering his medication, so I could attend my French class, which I haven't been to in probably over a year.

I arrived a little early in the parking lot, waiting for someone familiar to arrive. Figures walked in through the semi-darkness, not quite discernible, until Chantal, our prof, swept in with her unmistakable French woman's posture and grace.

I got a greeting as for the long-lost, but the class all felt so familiar, except for the fact that I am totally in arrears in French verb conjugations. I think I'm clear to go, weather permitting, for the upcoming six week session.

See you soonish.



  1. Whow, it looks like you have been VERY busy!

  2. Hope your new HDMI cable works. My blu-ray player was picky and didn't like the one I had to use with it, but the Dish guy got it hooked up and playing nicely with everything else. Also, you have triggered a major flashback by using the phrase"conjugating verbs." I will now be repeating conjugations in my head the rest of the night. Je suis, tu es, il est...

    1. They were conjugating the subjunctive last night. Do I need subjunctive? Actually, I think it was used a lot in a children's book I read with a very "literary" style.

      Haven't tried plugging in my HDMI cables yet. Looks like it requires two, one supplied, the other one purchased by me.

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry. Should I do an entire blog of kitty pictures? ;-)