Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to Quilt Camp

Wednesday, November 20

I almost didn't make it. Sorry, going a little medical here, but I'm having a problem with acid reflux, trying to be very careful with what I eat toward bedtime. I felt fine when I went to bed Monday evening and when I feel fine, I forget. I should not lie flat in bed when I go to sleep.

That's all I'll say except that I ended up sleeping nearly all day Tuesday in the aftermath, the day I should have been packing for quilt camp. I missed my big Soroptimist fundraiser at noon, but I dragged myself out of bed to go to the computer club in the evening, because I'd arranged for our celebrity guest speaker, a former townie who defected to Wisconsin, speaking for us on almost her last night in town and my only opportunity to see her.

She won't mind if I reveal her identity, since her topic was using social media in promoting one's business. It's Lynn Upthagrove, former proprietress of the Hotel Charlotte, who, with her husband Victor, chef extraordinaire, "retired," or so they thought, only to buy a lodge in Wisconsin, the Cedaroma Lodge. (Good thing she spoke to us -- I've been mentally calling it the CedarAma. "Aroma" gives the correct ambiance to Cedar.) If I ever go near Wisconsin again, I'll be sure to stop over for awhile.

I sat up all night Tuesday, hoping to be in good enough shape to do all the packing . . . believe me, my Escape SUV is filled from stem to stern with quilting stuff . . . and I hadn't even chosen what I'd take to do until I started packing. (Clothing is trivial. I barely unpack my suitcase between trips so that all the staples stay in there.)

You could tell it was a chilly day by the cuddle of kittens on the deck. There had even been rain overnight.

My usual target for departure is 8 AM, 9 at the latest. I emailed the camp coordinator that I was aiming at 11. My actual departure was 12:30. The drive is about an hour-and-a-quarter. First I go down about 2000' in elevation, then up 3000'. I arrived to the fog, dense among the trees. Later it turned into full-fledged rain. We've been in a drought and the rain is so welcome, but we have to temper our enthusiasm and wish for gentle rains that will soak into all our fire-damaged mountains and avoid mud- and rock-slides that threaten.

The gals were well underway but not yet at completion levels by the time I settled in. Here's a few random shots around the workroom.

Someone said what happens at quilt camp remains at quilt camp. Except for blabber-mouth Lee, of course. There is a rumor that the Leopard Ladies, after having spurred the World-Wide Revival of Leopard Clothing, Accessories and Everything Else, will have a Reveal at this camp. We await with bated breath.

One snack table shut down for the night



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