Friday, November 15, 2013

Non-Chicken Photos from the Rest of the Quilt Show

My, but time flies.

It's been over a year since I blogged on "A Taste of Chicken for Dinner," a focus on a whimsical quilt made by Wina Helm and shown in the bi-annual quilt show put on by the Free Church Women's Ministries of the Groveland Evangelical Free Church. At that time I noted that I had 51 other photos of the quilts displayed in the show. I planned to present a selection from those in a blog to follow. I didn't plan to let a year pass. But indeed it did.

I'm always amazed at the shear volume, in addition to the quality, of quilts produced by the women in this little community. The walls of the church are completely lined and the pews draped with quilts.

I've had pieces in the show in the past, but haven't entered anything in the last two or three. The Double Wedding Ring I did for my parents' 60th anniversary enjoyed the center front position in its year. Gosh, that must have been in 1996. Again, time flies! It was quite a thrill to enjoy that prominent location.

I'd love to do a portrait of every quilt in a show, but have to recognize that this blog is not a museum program for the quilts. I'm primarily giving you a glimpse around the two rooms that house the show, starting here with the church's lobby and a hostess welcome. I move around the room generally clockwise.

The quilts seem to be arranged in seasonal and topical groupings.

Hand quilting on a frame . . . .  I like to hand quilt, although stiff fingers are making tiny stitches more difficult, but I've never been able to manage it on a stationary frame, preferring to use various lap-type frames.

I look into the main part of the church from the back of the center aisle, to see the three large quilts up front and the plethora of quilts spread across the pews.

Looking left as I walk forward . . .

Up front left . . . a pianist entertains.

Up front and center, the largest quilt in the show . . .

Front right . . .

From the front of the church I look back along the left-side pews and walls.

Closer-ups . . .

Along the back left wall . . . . You can see that interesting maze quilt out in the lobby.

Quilts mounted along the front of the technical booth (sound and light) at the back of the church . . .

Close-up . . . I love the colors and the quilting.

Another close-up . . .

Along the hallway past the technical booth . . .

Continuing clockwise around the room . . .

It's not just quilts at the quilt show. There are homemade soups and breads and pastries, hot coffee and tea, . . .

. . . and crafts for sale, although they were in scant supply by the time I arrived.

In alternate years, the Pine Needlers Quilt Guild puts on an outdoor show throughout the little town of Groveland. I "covered" the show this year here and here, and in 2011 here. I sure hope with my new workspace in the room addition that I'll have something to hang in these shows next time and in the show put on by the Sierra Quilt Guild which I belong to in another town.

Quilt camp is coming up soon. An opportunity for more great quilt pictures!



  1. Nice to see the pictures of the show! I do love that maze quilt, have the pattern (somewhere) and am thinking of making it one of these days. First though I need to get moved and set up. One thing at a time!

    1. It really pops out in all the photos from different locations.