Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mission Accomplished . . . Leopard Revival Worldwide

Thursday, Day 2 of Quilt Camp

The weather is better today.

Once upon a time, the leopard motif had been popular in clothing and decor, but at the time the Leopard Ladies started their collection nine+ years ago, leopard artifacts had fallen to the status of kitsch . That story may be found at here. With new leopard designs appearing world-over now, in style instead of tacky, their job is over.

So, I heard the rumor yesterday that this year's room tour might be a little different from the leopard tour of their rooms. In fact, the new theme might lead to their rooms being differently decorated. They challenged people to guess, but I had no clue. In retrospect, I should have, because I know them well enough to guess this passion they share besides quilts, quilting and leopard.

The Reveal

I could have guessed. If there is one thing we know about them, it's that Donna is a San Francisco 49er fan and Penny, as Wisconsin girl, is a Green Bay Packers devotee. Donna greeted us with pom poms and pretzels. Penny welcomed us with cupcakes. And both with a major collection of team memorabilia and clothing. (And if they couldn't buy it, they made it.)

We're not through here yet. Donna's collection is larger at this point, since she lives in 49er Country where items are readily available. Penny must send away to the team store for her stuff, so it's harder and more expensive to acquire.

Donna & Penny at 2013 season opener between Green Bay (28) and
San Francisco (34) at San Francisco

More random shots around the work room . . .

"Pose," I urged her.

Tall manzanita

More later.



  1. Lee, who is the author of the aqua/red circular quilt top in which Jerry Barrett is also in the photo?

    1. Once again, the quilter will have to speak up on her own behalf, as I didn't get permission.

  2. Looks absolutely like the best time ever! Wish I was there...

    1. If you want to join our guild and drive a bit, it's a wonderful twice-a-year event.

  3. Simply amazing. What talented quilting bees you all are. I especially like all the quilts for the college kid and favorite teams.

    1. Those are for the adults ... they're the fans. US professional teams. :-)