Monday, November 25, 2013

Did I hear someone mention shoes?

Paris, Tuesday, Sept 24

It was on a Chocolate Tour in Paris, toward the end of our trip. Our guide, Iris, was leading the ladies and one gentleman (my son) on Jeanne Mills' tour on the Pleasures of the South of France, to a selection of chocolate makers to look at and taste samples of their chocolates.

The first shop was crammed with customers. Iris had pre-ordered samples but they weren't ready yet. We peered in the windows at the varieties of colorful goodies while Iris waited in line. She came out after awhile with a couple of boxes and proposed we walk to a park to enjoy them. En route we took a shortcut through one of Paris' covered passages, a sort of mini-mall opened nearly 200 years ago named the Galerie Véro-Dodat.

Part way through, Iris pulled up short, realizing she'd left behind one of her boxes of chocolates at the shop. She told us to wait in the passage while she ran back to get the missing box. I was left holding a box or two, so I didn't really look around much at first, but Iris was gone quite awhile and I finally began to walk around, noticing the old signage on the stores, often a historic proprietor rather than the current business. A renovation has been underway.

I saw shoes. I'm not a major shoe fan. Shoes have always been instruments of torture for me, so I might look, but don't truly covet them. But I think of the women who do. Imelda Marcos comes to mind. Kelly Ripa likes her shoes. Kelly adores shoes. Friends and acquaintances mention their love of shoes. These were wild shoes, so I began to take pictures. This is what I notice first. Legs with shoes.

And then, all the shoes I could photograph before Iris returned:

This top shoe looks dangerous.

These look really dangerous. I love 'em. I wish shoes loved me.

It wasn't til I started cropping these photos and looking at them close up that I began to see and read the labels in them. Took a bit of serious magnifying and a little Internet research to figure out who made them. It's the French luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin, The Shoes with the Red Soles!

 Come on into the passage. You're allowed!

This Chaussure Stiletto, which I saw later in the day, is more reasonably priced at 58€, made by Jean Paul Hevin.  CHOCOLATIER.

Be seeing you!



  1. Now we're talking! You found the Louboutin store! Those are my dream shoes :)

    1. Lots of other stores in there I would like to look at, too, but, alas, we had another chocolate shop to go to.

  2. Maybe we can get our two lost inches back with wearing some of these shoes… however, we would end up with another of our graceful falls.

  3. You got such a different chocolate tour than we did! Never saw the Louboutins--would have photographed them for Fashionista Daughter who knows All Things Shoe and sadly, due to poor heredity, has large flat feet that don't work well in fancy-schmancy shoes!