Saturday, November 2, 2013

Big Night on a Little Town

I remember two of my earliest Halloween costumes, as a gypsy and as a pirate. Joyful occasions accompanied the costumes, now so far back in time that the memories are no more than wisps. In the years that followed, I'd maker gypsy or pirate my costume choice, but the original experience could never be matched.

As for trick-or-treating, that awkward encounter between beggar and begged always intimidated me, so Halloween was not much of a favorite. Fortunately, both of my husbands (consecutive, not concurrent) liked greeting the little goblins at the door and engaging in appropriate chit chat. So after Second Husband went to join the ghosts, I was not disappointed when downtown merchants got together to put on a town-wide Halloween with trick-or-treating and other festivities. (Did you even believe at some point in your life that this was something about Roy Roger's horse Trigger-Treating?)

I avoided going there -- to town -- for a lot of years and never turned on the front porch light for the one or two maybe-callers. Two years ago I returned to town from the Little City Down the Hill at Witching Time to get held up going through town jammed by traffic and milling ghosts and goblins. There was a lot of excitement in the air.

 Last year, I took my camera to the Halloween festivities, since Photo A Day and this blog have encouraged me to take all kinds of pictures. Community events are full of opportunities. This year, Sister came with me. No big explanations needed for the photos to follow.

Lovely Little Lion

Bumble bees are popular this year.

Precious flower

"Come one step closer and I'll have your leg."

Our NeedleCrafter has been in costume all day.

Stilts surveys his domain.

Mrs Stilts takes pictures . . .

. . . of Sister and me, for example.

Ketchup and Mustard talk to Little Fairies.

(So far I haven't fled from the phony spiders.)

Pumpkin and Butterfly

Twinkle, twinkle

My Kitty Sitter

Our Little Town's Former Honorary Mayor 

A Scary Witch Posted at the Hotel

A Cheery Witch Posted at the Antique Store

That's all folks.

See you soon.



  1. It was a much more fun evening for me that having a few kids come to your door, and I am sure much more lucrative for the children.

  2. I live out in the country too. Only had 2 kids. Our town is doing a 'trunk or treat' walk which localizes the children and keeps them from going door to door. Looks like you had fun.