Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dare I believe it?

Squeals of excitement!  Can it be true? Will it still be true by next year? Am I really getting a ride on the Airbus A-380 again?

Airbus A-380 on approach to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport 

Today, still experiencing tickles of anxiety of yesterday over obtaining the proper flight, I started checking all the different websites that allege to have my itinerary available. Were they all really synchronized? If not, what is the truth?

I clicked on Delta's site, using their reference number and up popped my itinerary. It has a place to click to choose your seat. I already had chosen, on Air France. Was that info not in here? When I clicked, I got an aircraft seat map which bore no resemblance to the Boeing 777-300ER I had chosen from. I wasn't about to start pressing buttons on an unfamiliar website.

There on Air France, my seat 15A now read 82A. Yes! It's the A-380. We flew on it in 2011 and loved it.

Don't change your mind, Air France!

(Breaking news: the Air France site shows an incorrect baggage amount. I've sent a website form, not that I normally take extra luggage.)

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