Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chagall & Overlooking Nice

2nd day

It's up and at 'em early on our second day, out looking for the proper bus stop to take us to the Chagall museum. With all our rushing, we catch one bus earlier than we expected to, so we perch on the front wall outside the museum until opening time.

I stand up and peek over the fence at the grounds. The museum was created during Chagall's lifetime to house a collection of his paintings related to biblical stories. For details, see the link to wikipedia. It's better than my trying to summarize it.

It's in a nice neighborhood.

There was a gallery of Chagall's self-portraits and his changing image of himself over the years. This is the portrait that greeted us at the entrance,

Our guided visit began in an auditorium that featured some large stained glass windows created by the artist. My father was a stained glass artist and I followed him around for years trying to take pictures of his windows, but I still haven't mastered making them come out okay. Here is only a hint, with our guide in the foreground. (Son, my fount of knowledge on these things, does not remember her name.)

To most of us, at first glance, Chagall's paintings seem a mass of miscellaneous items, but the guide pointed out a recurrent theme of symbolism representing various biblical persona and events, and the stories told within and between paintings. There was a unity of color within a particular story, although Picasa has scrambled them in the collage below, so they are not grouped together. (I like it scrambled.)

Here is our group looking out a picture window at a mosaic and reflecting pool.

Oh, and one more cute guy from the colorful items. (It abounds with symbolism, but I just can't remember what.)

We take the bus back down the hill to the bay to have lunch at a restaurant on the plage.

 Salade Niçoise, . . .

. . . followed by ice cream.

The pigeon cleans up our dribbles under the table.

We emerge up the steps from the beach.

Beach goers. There was one topless female beach goer chatting with someone in the restaurant. Perhaps we were wondering whether there were more out here?

Following lunch, we took a Petit Train ride around Old Town Nice, and the Massena Square construction, then up onto the hill that overlooks the bay. What a view!

Later in the evening, we walk back to the square. The statues on top of the poles turn out to be translucent and their colors change.

They do not have the indignity of pigeons at night.

There is a window full of fanciful toys, brightly lit, eye catching.

Time to go "home" and settle in. See you soon.



  1. Marvelous pictures Lee. The weather looks beautiful too - always a nice addition.