Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quilt Stroll at 100 Degrees -- Part 1

Sigh. It's so fortunate that I didn't volunteer to take a shift at the Quilt Stroll in Groveland today. Most of the day was taken up making a trip to the Little City Down the Hill to return a new tiny TV that I got all set up in my office, only to discover the sound was all static. As long as I was making a trip (back) to town, I finished up my pocket itinerary/diary for my next trip so I could have covers put on it and have it spiral bound, and stock up on catfood from two different sources (Sorry, feral cats. You don't get the premium catfood the hothouse flowers do.) And other miscellaneous

Between one thing and another, I didn't get to Groveland to see the show until a couple of hours before it was scheduled to end. And, since I hadn't eaten since breakfast, I stopped in at Dori's Tea Cottage. I was too starved to remember to take pictures of my turkey, brie and tomato sandwich on (mumble mumble) bread with Dijon mustard. I had my first ever iced coffee, and it was superb.

I took a bunch of pictures of the town and the quilts, which are hung from buildings, racks, ropes and railings around town and in the park. I had to move fast, since I started so late. I will split this into at least two parts so all the photos won't take as long to load as they might otherwise.

These two little wall hangings were on the tea room wall at Dori's. Very charming.

There was a nice breeze, er, hot wind blowing today.

Winds whipping.

I'm fond of the blue, yellow and white combo.

Nothing cooking on the BBQ.

Little kids playing on the slide.

Taking advantage of the shade.

Pausing here for Part 2, so see you very soon (I intend).


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  1. Wow--what a treasure trove of quilts! Looks as if you live in a real Mecca for quilters--and very enthusiastic, gifted, and accomplished ones! I think I'd love to see that one year, although I don't know if I'd survive the heat. Like your kitties, I'm turning into a bit of a hothouse flower!