Monday, June 24, 2013

Not Quite The Start That Was Envisioned . . .

I had a funny feeling when I told Linda in an email, about 27 hours before our flight, that she could fer-sure print her boarding pass that evening. She was concerned about the procedure because heretofore her travel agent had done it for her. There were some discrepancies in instructions about how soon before the flight that could be done. Mine was already printed, but by that evening, there was no doubt she could do it..

She answered back that she'd do it in the morning. Boy, she must go to bed early, was my thought. I'd have been eager to make sure it worked as soon as possible.

In the morning I heard from her. "Life is good!  I printed my ticket!  See you tomorrow."

See me tomorrow? "We're going TODAY, Linda!" I fired back.

How long had it been since she'd sent her message? What if she really thought we were traveling tomorrow? What if she didn't get my message on time to meet me at Sister's  Bay Area house so we could get a ride to BART to go to the airport for our flight this evening? She had a longer drive to the meeting point than I did and time was drawing near for me to head out.

Meanwhile, Sister was already on the other side of the ocean, on her way to Paris to fly to Marseille the next morning to meet us for the lavender tour.

I hadn't heard back from Linda by the time I had to leave to make it to the airport on time for my trip. So I left, wondering.

Before all the "see you tomorrow stuff," she'd said she would be leaving her house at 11 a.m. to be at Sister's by 3. My cell phone rang as I was en route, about 2:40 or so. It was Sister, calling from France, who would have to call me back later, after I would get to her house. I arrived there before 3, waiting on her patio for the return call. Linda still wasn't there by 3:20 or so when Sister called me again, I told her about my email exchange with Linda and she joined me in my growing panic.

In spite of panic, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up when Linda walked into the room at 4:30. Our ride was there five minutes early and we were five minutes early for our BART train. As it turned out, we got on one train too early and had to hop off to catch the next one which went all the way to the airport.

Yes, she really had mixed up the day she was leaving. Yes, she'd seen my email and had her own major panic. She'd answered back, too late for me to see before I hit the road, "Oh dear!  I will get there ASAP." She started packing at 11:30 and left in an hour.

Shadow figures stroll along the moving sidewalk

A busy busy evening at the airport

Sunset at Marseille

Battery dying. Let me know about typos.


  1. Wow--I am impressed that she could pack that quickly! I tend to procrastinate about packing but then do it at least 24 hours before departure time--and then I keep tossing in more items! Hope you have a lovely lavender tour and that this is the ONLY thing that happens to cause you any stress!

  2. Have fun. I was going to head south to see lavender this summer finally, but now I'm heading home earlier than expected. I WILL get to the lavender fields one year. Consolation -- a small patch in my own front garden back home. Wish we could have met up while you were here.

  3. Wow! Such a close call! Rocky beginnings make for smooth sailing! Can't wait for more -- stories and photos of course, not more misadventures!

  4. What a stressful beginning to your holiday! I'm happy that it all worked out and you arrived safely in Marseille :)
    Passe de bonne vacances!