Saturday, May 4, 2013

waking up saturday morning . . .

The boys curl up behind my legs all night long. Even if I have to get up and pee, I can slip out and in again without their stirring.

But once it's light out, and I lift my head to see if they're still there, two little heads lift and look at me. Sometimes they sit up and wash their faces in unison. But not today.

They dismount from the bed and hunker down on the floor, their eyes staring upward.

Chloe, staring down at them from the top of the cat tree.

They're all in the same room together, no one consigned to the kitten room for the night, everyone roaming free. The boys are not sure whether to be intimidated. Is Chloe getting a chance to be alpha cat in Garage Mahal?

Jean-Luc saunters to the scratching post at the bottom of the cat tree, while Henley goes for a chance at the litter box. J-L stretches, as tall as he can get, as close as he can get to Chloe without appearing to by trying to.

He makes it to the middle level and settles in.

Henley, finished with his business, jumps up on the window sill to make his way to the cat tree. Chloe has wandered off, waiting for Mom to get moving.

Mom has been waiting for her Fosamax half hour to end (if you're old enough, you'll know about this) and finally gets something to eat and her cuppa'.

The day begins.



  1. Both of mine studiously ignore the cat tree. If I slather it with catnip and put him on it, Hi-Hi will enjoy it...but then he's back to scratching on the carpet on the stairs. Sigh.

    Looks as if you have a pretty sweet setup there in the Garage Mahal, though...comfortable enough for a few nights, anyway!

    1. Comfy. If the weather gets extreme, we'd have to close off the garage space the cats get to roam around in. See the forest of cat trees in my previous blog. My guys are in them all the time. I think they're fun for multiple cats, but since your cats won't talk to each other, they probably think what's the point of this.

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