Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Very Long Haul . . .

It's a long haul, once it's been decided, getting a room addition planned and built, with an inevitable expansion of the project. Who, after all, wants to put a new roof over two rooms right next to the shingles whose sands have blown off to who knows what corners of the earth? Who wants to put fresh carpeting and tiles (albeit laminate tiles) next to 25 year old carpet? Who wants to put fresh paint next to 25 year old beige paint? Or leave the tired ivory electric plugs and switches with the new white switch plates and white trim?

You see how it goes. Next it will be furniture. It's shabby without being -chic, since contractually I cannot declaw these fancy cats. I've already started with the new bed, a few lighting fixtures and fans.

I've slept at home for two nights now. Contractors and subcontractors are entering my house through the bedroom patio door. I made it up before the electrician arrived the first morning, but this morning I woke up late. The electrician had the power off extensively yesterday and my TV alarm had lost its setting. I did wake up, just in time to pass the first arrival going through the door and to get to a medical appointment.

Construction happens. And other things in life happen, even as the kitties and I hang out in Garage Mahal and Sister takes a short trip away to a convention of Wee Mice. (Not exactly the right term. I'm sure she'll correct it in a Comment.) Brother-in-Law and I manage to stay alive due to Sister's discovery of fresh meals from Safeway which can be heated in about four minutes and are actually quite good. Otherwise we might have leaned heavily on peanut butter and jelly. I took pictures, so there will be a few here!

This is the "before" picture of the house taken about two years ago, same time of year.

Here is the current picture. There's a front porch/deck on the right end that's hidden in the trees now. It shows up a bit in the "before" picture.The Photinia, which puts out shiny red leaves this time of year, has put out leathery red dry leaves this year. Alas, despite efforts to protect it and save it, it hasn't made it and will have to be replaced with something which won't want to grow up to be a tree.

The kitchen painting is done here but electrical covers need to be put back on the outlets.

I'm looking at closets for my bedroom, something other than the one long rod and shelf above where I can't reach anything.  I've seen some pricey custom builds on the Internet. Here's a more modest, yet not cheap, brand that appeals.

We had a patch of hot weather, then they started predicting rain. I saw thunderheads up over the mountains (Yosemite direction), catching glimpses of them as I drove along the curving roadway. Nowhere to stop, so I went on out to the airport with its relatively unrestricted view of the skies.

Indeed, by the next day it began to rain. Down at the bank, water swirls along its front. The pansies are loving it. Henley watches it from atop the cat tree at Garage Mahal.

Back at my house, I inspect the floor plugs, where I'll be able to plug in my sewing machine under the table that is still to be assembled.

The boys are being "Good Kitties" by using the scratching surfaces on the base of the cat tree.

What's out there at night?

Aha! Soroptimists take a social break in their busy schedule for a luau. It wasn't exactly Hawaiian sunshine but the rain did hold off for most of the party. We have a friend and neighbor of Soroptimist who performed several Hawaiian dances.

 As a warm up for possible hula dancing by the party guests, a small hula hoop contest is held.

We also get tropical punches in fancy glasses.



Hula lessons for this pretty bunch of the more daring . . .

The final cataract surgery is forthcoming, so I audition new glasses and get a timeline for having them made. I really want the new ones before my upcoming trip later next month. I chose the frames with the white earpieces (fully bendable and unbreakable) and the lens shape of the orange ones.

Eh! And surgery. Sister stuck around to drive me this time, while BIL went on a Morgan club event.

After surgery, we stopped by Orchard Supply to order ClosetMaid components, to pick up the following day.

That happened, not without a little confusion, as a couple hundred dollars worth of duplicate components were carted out to us. Assembly is required, by someone who is willing and able to entertain looking at the instructions.

We also stepped over to Staples to look for a corner desk for my computer, so I can place it such that I can see out both windows of the new study. There we have it. Assembly required.

It had this companion piece, which wasn't on sale, so I left it behind until I could see how my current furniture stacks up in the room. Brother-in-Law spent a very long afternoon doing the desk assembly.

I think I showed you the bed. But here it is with its cute little lights, fitted out with light bulbs now.

This is "The Very Long Haul."

I'll soon introduce you to "The Very Long Hall."

See you soonish.



  1. Wow. I'm tired after reading all that! However, I think you will love your "new eye" if my friend's recent experience is any indicator! Your addition is coming along beautifully! (And oh, how I wish I had put in vinyl flooring instead of tile. It's a decision I regret a dozen times a day!)

    1. That dark flooring with the squares in the quilting room is laminate that looks like stone tiles (or something. Vinyl in the bathrooms and kitchen.

  2. It was Mouse Expo- Wee Forest Folk mice.

  3. It's good to see that during "the long haul", you're still taking time out to party. I give kudos to a group of men who will put on grass skirts and laugh their fool heads off! Good luck with all.

    1. Thanks, Delana. I'm forwarding your comment to the female half of the guys.