Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh, Lordy

I caught just a glimpse from a distance of movement on the woodpile a couple of days ago. Today when I glimpsed, I raced with the camera to take this from the window of the new quilt studio. It's something I really, really didn't want to see.

Still, they're so darned cute. The mom seems to be Barefoot, the almost tame gray-striped feral who has been around the most persistently. I see a little bit of Black Kitty, the long-time-homeless neighborhood tom cat, in the one kitten, but have no idea where that Siamese look came from.

Henley got the picture about the big move of the cat tree into my office yesterday. He beat me in here this morning.

I'm trying to keep this short and sweet so I won't get so darned far behind and feel overwhelmed and stay up until three in the morning to catch up. Indulge me a moment more. I took a picture of the ephemeral glint off a box of CDs on the floor of my office on my way out last night, and of some pretty flowers in front of the ophthalmologist's office this morning.

So, yay! I got my prescription for new post-cataract-surgery glasses, got the glasses ordered, and I learned from my optician that the dread disease, pseudophakia, that the ophthalmologist listed as a condition in both my eyes, is, in fact, a fake lens for the eye that has been implanted to replace the home-grown lens.

The whole point of the surgery.


See you soon.



  1. Amazing how she managed to keep them safe over there while all the construction was going on. Do you think you could catch them and at least get them fixed and with shots, and maybe homes?

    1. Don't know. Probably a better chance with Barefoot as the Mama than any of the others that wander through. I wouldn't be surprised if Barefoot was one of the kittens born under that tarp herself quite awhile back. I can't even remember who the Mama of that crew was.