Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Handy Helpers

This will break the log jam. The guys, Craig and Tom, came over this afternoon to put my closet together. (Hard to put a lot of stuff away when your closet is a big empty space.)

They, in turn have a supervisor. Jean-Luc. The closet is more than a mere afternoon project, so they'll be back. In addition, I must take back one box of components that has a broken piece.

I decided to move a cat tree from the living room to my study. The cats weren't using it at all in its living room location. It's heavy, so I put it on the little hand cart.

Jean-Luc was first aboard to help, then when I was maneuvering the corner, Henley joined him. Nothing like making a top-heavy load even top-heavier.

I'm also getting help with this. I'd be in bed by now if it weren't for all this help.

I need to wear light shirts to take a photo with this cat.

My May 28 Photo A Day: Click it. I just love it when it is enlarged.

See you soon.


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