Saturday, May 11, 2013

A bed . . . THE bed

Sister and I were set to meet Craig at my house on Friday noon to give directions for moving big furniture back into place. Many places will be different from where the pieces were originally.

Tom was there when we arrived, reinstalling the mirrored closet doors in the master bedroom. For those critics of the "dated-ness" of the mirrored doors, I like them. Besides regular full-length mirror functions, they make the room seem twice as large.

The opening for the new closet location is the exact size as the old one, but the texturizing of the plaster had narrowed it just enough that Tom was scraping and sanding and pushing to get the track back into place.

Craig wasn't there yet, so Sister and I left to do other errands. We got back, Craig was there, moving took place, my job to straighten up the kitchen didn't make remarkable progress, and someone suggested that Tom and Craig could assemble my new bed.

When I checked in on them, Tom had all the boxes unpacked and was on the floor trying to figure out how to shove things together. Might you read the instructions? I suggested. Tom, I thought, looked puzzled by the suggestion. Tom, do you have some readers? Craig came in and Tom handed him the instructions. I left them down on the floor amidst the parts, Tom lining up screws and other parts, and Craig squinting at instructions through his readers.

Look at that fine angle on the headboard for reading in bed.

We -- Sister and I -- bought a "closet." We think one of us should be there while they assemble the closet components. There are pages and pages of instructions.

This is just a short update. Things are happening. I must go take care of that lack of progress in the kitchen.

See you soon.



  1. So much progress! Don't worry too much about putting the kitchen back together--it will happen eventually. And besides, aren't you the one who says you don't cook? *ducks*

    1. I want to make the challenge quilt for my guild this year. Would rather get the quilt studio up and running than do all the straightening. (Damn. Have spent half an hour wrestling with web connectivity and the cat didn't come near me. Now he's in the middle of my stomach, trying to pace on the keyboard.)

  2. It's coming together nicely. I know you are anxious to be done but be patient.

  3. I hope you post a picture of the quilting studio when that gets organized. I went back and looked at previous posts to catch up on the whole project and it gave me nightmares about all the clean-up and packing up I'll have to do when I finally start my own massive home renovations.

    1. Julie, read what Renee said about patience. :) Actually, I've been pretty good with patience, but other kinds of deadlines are approaching and I'd rather not feel jammed up.