Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick Addition Edition

People walk or drive by my house and comment that it looks like the room addition is about done. When will I be holding open house?

Since the project started in the winter, the plan was to enclose the addition as quickly as possible, so they could work inside in bad weather. The scheduling of subs and ordering of materials to keep a steady flow in construction, not only for this job but for others my contractor has, is amazingly complex and it's really fun to watch it unfold. There's still a ways and a bit of trauma to go before it's all over.

I don't have much time to write tonight, so I'll let the pictures do the telling of what's been happening this week.

Delivery of more siding

I come home from a meeting and Craig has cleared the mattress and chair out of the hallway and put the barricade back. He did leave my clothes, which had been neatly folded on the chair, handy to my "dressing room" on the right. Henley has nowhere to hide.

He has also moved the stuff that was originally covered and stored in my vacated bedroom. Then, surprise, he also had to clear everything out of a storage closet that I thought could safely be left behind. Look how neatly he stashed my shoe boxes and removed fixtures.

These fixtures are available to a good home!

The Electrician is about to relocate where the power comes through the ceiling for a different style chandelier that will be put in after painting.

Meanwhile, in the new rooms, Dry Wall Man has taped
all the seams and just installed the rounded corners.

Cats seek a safe place in the sun away from the activity.
It's beginning to overload their usual curiosity.

The new siding doesn't have the same spacing as the old siding,
so some old siding will be replaced.  I think that'll happen
Thursday, since Tom is off Wednesday.

Tom has installed a door to the under-house storage and is working on trim pieces.

It's a real door!

It's pretty wood, but I guess it'll be painted.


Dry Wall Man explains how he textures the walls. On the left is a portion of the old wall that was the back of my former closet. He has patched the area where a shelf was taken out and uses a tool that will duplicate the existing texture. (Always wondered how they did that.)

Fall Quilt Camp draws near, so I go to the storage shed to get stuff I'll need for it.
I think this is a really orderly shed. It may be the most orderly thing
I've ever done in my life. I have a notebook with lists of what's in each numbered box, so I can figure out just which one to head for when I need something.

I hear heavy machinery operating nearby and go to investigate while I await the storage operator to come help me unlock the big door. They have demolished a little restaurant at the airport! Kind of shocking, as it had a long history as an airport hangout, but it's been closed for quite awhile.

Taking a few things along for quilt camp . . .

Stuff in my kitchen that's also waiting to be put in the car . . .

Peanut butter has been restocked at the store. Desperation is over!

Texture on the ceiling . . .

Looks like the walls have the measles (I'm easily fascinated).

Light and angles

Tom is out there on the ladder.

Wild winds are happening in much of California. Ours
is cool and brisk but not damaging like elsewhere.

Leaning Tower of Pizza (I jest)

Suitcases with clothing and towels and everything must still be packed. I have two of those red sleeping bags that Husband and I used zipped together and one is thicker than the other. I think
the idea was to put the summer weight or the winter weight on top, depending. I'm taking the
winter weight to quilt camp. (It usually snows, although that is not in the forecast. (Hah!
Reminder to take an extra blanket.) I used the summer weight last night here at home
and got chilly enough to zip up to my chin and curl up in a ball.

And there we stand, on the verge of quilt camp. Things will happen when I'm away, but I'm not expecting a finish. I think there's another month, at least.

See you soon.


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  1. Looking good! I know you are anxious to get away for a while and quilt camp sounds like a good retreat. Have fun!