Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh, THAT'S what it is . . .

NOTE: It's my practice not to provide names of individuals without permission. If you see yourself or your work shown here and would like to be credited, please mention it in the Comments below and I will happily add it.

I stir awake, feeling rested for a change and asking myself the usual "what day is it?" and "do I have to go somewhere and what time?"

No firm answers were forthcoming, so I lifted an eyelid.
Not home. But somewhat familiar.

But where?

It's Sunday. I'm at quilt camp. 
But Sunday is going home day and I don't think I'm going home.

Eventually, the internal dialogue catches up with reality. We all arrived yesterday. It is Thursday. It's clear and beautiful outside, although the sun has that "wet" look.

Yesterday I worked on a design for my Crayon Challenge Quilt. I've drawn a crayon. It's color is labeled "cerulean" and that crayon is to be used somehow in the 120" (or less) perimeter quilt. I have laid out my photos of blue vase paintings, done by impressionists, to do my own impressionist impression in fabric. (Having rejected "blue nudes," and "blue dresses" after finding too few examples.)

The technique I am trying is not going to work out so I'll have to get home to my fabrics to try the next approach.

My collection of blue vases

Warmed by sun and refreshed by a hot shower, I run upstairs to the workroom to confirm that breakfast is indeed at ten and I still have time to finish getting ready.

We have a two-meal-a-day plan. Too much time is spent in pursuit of meals with three-a-day. We bring things to graze on liberally.

And pretty flowers left over from something.

We'd arrived on Wednesday morning.

Some people hit the ground running with projects already started.

Spring Quilt Camp is the time of year when I try to get up from my chair and do some walking in preparation for summer and fall travels. I'm such a slacker on exercise that it's important to walk to and from the first meal to get started on walking to and from every meal.

Going down to the dining room is one thing. Here I'm part of the way down the stairs (a short-cut).

There's still more roadway down the hill.

Here my fellow campers are on their way back up the hill, a whole other matter. I am trailing everyone. You can see the bottom of the stairs I will go up, and later in camp, when I build up some stamina, I will beat people taking the road.

 I stop and take a picture of the scenery there beyond the trees.

Starting up the stairs:

Crossing the road for the final flight:

That is, until I make the climb inside the building to the upstairs workroom.

I love this very simple pattern:

Ta dah! announcing a milestone in a quilt project.

 Progress on this quilt:

My bed and Kindle await me on the first night.

The beautiful morning, this morning, with only a small cloud far away over the mountains:

 Back at work:

Another ta dah!

The most photographed incident of the day occurred when one of our vertically challenged persons was unable to reach across the cutting table.

Here's a close-up of Kaaren quilting that I used as my April 11 Photo A Day for DETAIL.

'Tis late and it's time to go to bed.
See you soon.



  1. Those flowers are perfect for spring!
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