Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are we there yet?

Not quite done, but it's getting closer. The completion of the room addition, that is. And the spiffing up of the rest of the house. I don't have time to blog, but I do have to sit down. My feet hurt. I've done more steps inside the house today than I can believe! Wow! I'm tolerating chaos pretty well, I think, but there is gritty stuff getting into my sandals and it feels like walking on sandpaper ... sand from the roofing, sawdust, plaster dust, creating a film over everything. I tried to salvage a couple of boxes from the ceiling fans to pack some stuff in and the substantial pile of Styrofoam, which someone from The Little House recycles. I set the boxes down in the driveway while I stripped out their contents and when I picked them up, they also had a clingy layer of some kind of oak flower debris. Sheesh.

I'm packing up any breakables, whose breakage would make me cry, and a bunch of other stuff. Packed or unpacked, it all moves into the new addition on Thursday so painting, carpeting and vinyling can make its way into the original house. I told Craig this morning that it wouldn't all be packed by tomorrow night, my deadline. (Cats and I will move out first thing Thursday morning.) He said he knew that, he isn't worried and I shouldn't worry. Still, certain things need to be rescued from disappearing into the maw, possibly being lost forever.

So I'll do a fast photo review of progress, starting from when I got home from quilt camp until today.

Barefoot greets me on my arrival home on a Sunday . . .

All the siding have been installed, as well as a "belly band" that will tie the bays together visually.

The door to under the house has holes drilled to install the hardware.

A new linen closet, two of them in fact, facing each other across the hall. They almost didn't get them in.  They had quite a job rotating them into an upright position, hitting the ceiling on the rotation.

This is looking down the hall from just outside my bedroom, linen cabinets on either side, the door to the study on the left, to the quilting studio on the right, and straight ahead, the niche for St Francis.

Chloe starts meowing that kind of cat-fight meow and Henley comes to see what's disturbing her. I've brightened the raccoon photo (inset), since it was darkened by the screen door.

I was forewarned that all the doors would be removed for painting, so I'd better get a shower early in the morning while I could close the bathroom door. That meant "the boys" couldn't be locked up in the kitten room for the night. That happens every night when I'm out of town, but when I'm home, I'm such a cat magnet that the opportunity for scrapping between Chloe and Jean-Luc is increased, and they were in high-hostile mood when I got home from quilt camp.

Actually, it didn't go too badly and Jean-Luc slept cuddled up on my feet.

Painting window sills . . .

Sealed up and ready to spray paint the outside . . . starting with the new rafters.

Don't be alarmed, I'm warned. The primer coat is not the color the final will be. It will be matched to my existing paint, since it doesn't need repainting at this time.

The trees that I feared had died over the winter are still with us. Nice!

The next day, the Painter rehangs the doors to the kitten room and separation can be resumed again.

There it is in my exterior gray color.

And here is my Cloud White quilting studio, a color (white) recommended to me by fiber artist Leslie Carabas as allowing the fabric colors to appear their truest.

The front of the house in gray . . .

Daughter's tip for choosing a paint color is -- if you want to venture beyond Ivory (this house for 24 years) or Navajo White (my previous house for 26 years) -- to pick a color from a painting that will be displayed in the room. But she has a natural talent for decorating, something I lack..

I'm testing bathroom possibilities here, Mission Courtyard on the top and Shrimp Boudin on the bottom.  In a stroke of cautious daring, I'm going for the darker Shrimp Boudin, although I have no clue in what respect that color is shrimp-like.

I want a little color in the kitchen, so Sister and I had a little paint chip session a few weeks ago. We were looking in the yellow pages (oh, dear, that should be capitalized?) and picked Affinity for a try out, which seemed rather Cantaloupe to me.  Then I got the notion (all on my own) that I'd like to try a blue in the test phase.

The test was weird. Affinity is indeed quite cantaloupy in person, although it reads yellow in this photo. The Grant Village (blue) looks a little different in natural light as well, but Sister and Craig believe blue is too dark. Sister and I went through the paint chips again and selected Yellow Canary, which I'll go for untested.

The trim has been painted on the end of the house. The painters are off on another job for the moment, but will be back to trim the rest of the house and paint a few spots that the termite repair guys (two years ago) didn't paint. I think the propane tank will be moved while I'm out of the house and won't need it for cooking, heating or washing.

Here's my bedroom painted Cold Light, a very subtle gray. I'm using that everywhere except the white and yellow rooms. White trim, baseboards and ceilings EVERY where.

Baseboards laid out for painting. Or, more accurately, paint drying.

Henley got all clingy one day, wanting up everywhere I went. All this turmoil makes kitties anxious. Here' how he kept helping me compute.

The Electrician came back to install electrical switches and face plates. He was putting white on white and gray painted areas and Craig was surprised when he came through since he wanted to conform the style of the new with the old so it won't seem added on. Ivory. But ivory looks yucky against the white and gray, so it's my executive decision to replace ivory with white wherever it is. (Sigh. This will surely be an add-on, as have a few other executive decisions.)

I chose a white ceiling fan for my white quilting room . I love it. It's sooo nice and white.

I recently posted a photo on Photo A Day for the prompt BLURRY. Hah! I thought. I'll get blurred whirl of the fan blades, so I stepped on the accelerator. My camera is faster than a fan, so here is my (only) apparently still fan in the new study.

Remember the long hall I could look down from the living room, where my mattress once leaned, where there was a barricade down the hall separating ME from new construction? I took an early shower this morning and packed up all the stuff that I've been using in that bathroom, and the barricade was moved to my end of the hall. My next opportunity for a shower will be when I move over to Sister's.

Flooring Guy was planning to put the vinyl in the bathroom today, but the product isn't here. So it turns out I got up earlier than I needed to.

They did have the laminate for the quilting studio however. I peeked in at this stage.

And again when they were nearly finished. They did finish, but I haven't downloaded those photos yet.

And the door to under the house has had the hardware removed from the old entrance to the new one. That logical thing hadn't occurred to me. Instead I wondered whether he could find the same hardware, and I'd have to carry two keys for inner and outer doors. Again. Sheesh!

It seems to me I'll have plenty of time to blog while I'm at Sister's. We'll see. Time has a way of escaping me. See you soon.


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  1. I'm exhausted just reading all this! Hope you and the furries can get some rest at Sister's so you'll be all ready to get moved back into place when they finish!

    And now I need to go rest from the exertion of reading about all this activity!