Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today . . . I just couldn't resist

I regret it when I drive away and find I've left my camera at home. Today I didn't forget. I took it on my trip Down the Hill to the Little City to have my follow up on last month's cataract surgery.

I went down via the back roads.Things are greening up nicely in the countryside, but the narrow road has precious few places to pull over and just enough traffic that early in the morning to cause a hazard were I to stop in the middle of the road. But the skies were toooo much, stacked with billowy clouds and criss-crossing contrails. I pulled off across a long dirt driveway, leading to a ranch somewhere off in the distance.

I couldn't see what I was shooting nor what I got; I just pointed the camera in the general direction and clicked. You're getting them all. I can't choose.

I turned and looked the other way.

The eye doctor told me I'm doing fine, that I'm really going to like my new eyes. I told him that the vision is fluctuating, sometimes in- , sometimes out-of-sync with my glasses and other eye. But I don't want to change lenses or glasses until both eyes are done. I do have a wrinkle in the new eye. (No wonder things are looking like Chinese characters. It might take surgery to correct, but it's not time for that yet.)

I left with a dilated pupil on the new eye, so the bright sun seemed even brighter. The perimeter of the city was rimmed with the billowy clouds, and I still couldn't see any better to take several shots from the side of the road on the way to the bypass.

I know I'll get another panoramic view from the bank parking lot in My Little Town.

And the horses are galloping around, frolicking like a bundle of kittens in the green field.

Two feral kitties just asked for some dinner on the back deck. I give them some, because, once the sun goes down, raccoon horns in on it. Animal Control left a note at my back door a couple days ago that someone complained about the 17+ cats I have that are trespassing on their property. Seventeen-plus cats? Somebody's been smoking something funny.

Animal Control kindly says they'll loan me traps so I can drive them down the the little city. Where they will be euthanized.

That's something I literally can't do.

See you soon.



  1. That's ridiculous! I think animal control needs to loan that person the 17 traps! I'm sure it's not your kitties that are bothering them!
    Your pictures are lovely and make me wish I lived nearer to that kind of beauty!

  2. You just keep feeding those cats. What horrible things are the cats doing to your neighbor's property besides walking on it? Hey, how do you get a wrinkle in your eye? That sounds awful. Glad all is well after the surgery.

    1. The annoying part re the cats is that there are 2 or 3 regulars and perhaps 3 other occasionals. Someone's powers of exaggeration are amazing.

      I think it's the lens inserted in the cataract surgery that has a little wrinkle in it. I get the next eye done in early May. It dawns on me that my glasses won't be right for either eye until everything settles down enough to get the new prescription.

  3. Boy, you had lots of contrails crossing the sky. Occassionally get criss-crossing trails in the sky here, but they are really common in VA.

    Who complains about cats? And isn't it the job of Animal Control to determine if complaints are legitimate before making ridiculous statements? Isn't the term 'feral' also meant to imply they belong to no one? So how then did they become 'your feral cats'?

    Petite mystery, no?

    1. That was an extraordinary number of contrails. Must not be much wind up high because they were all dispersing very slowly, creating the their own cloud layer apart from the puffer billies (my highly technical name for those billowy ones along the horizons).

      Animal control is obliged to deliver any complaint filed. It was not a citation and I would think they'd need some evidence to actually cite me. I didn't think anyone could "own" any cat, but apparently that has changed. Although they aren't "my" feral cats, someone on the phone explained that feeding them is "harboring" them. They tried in essence to convince me that life is rough in the wild and they'd be better off dead.