Tuesday, March 12, 2013

breakthrough . . . part 2 (re-published)

-- continued from yesterday . . .

Sometime, unbeknownst, I must have pressed the "publish" button on this, when all I had entered was the photos. Such a surprise to see it listed on my blog reading list. Two people had already viewed it. If you're back, you can now see the description.

By the way, the missing notebook with the inventory lists of boxes and bags that have gone to the Garage Mahal and my storage shed has been found, right in plain sight. Why must I look under and in, before I think of on top of?

I'm resuming on Friday morning, after the all night packing spree. I've pulled my bedding off the mattress, leaving only the TV (must watch up to the last minute), the chair and footstool, and my long dresser with attached mirror. I grabbed the step stool as I departed.

The study was a little more cluttered, since I was leaving electronic equipment and some strange or heavy stuff to sit on top of desks. And the heavy boxes they would carry out to . . . as it turns out, the living room.

There are boxes of mish-mash, uninventoried here now, which I intend to go through, consolidate as much as possible into like things, and take the sorted boxes to Garage Mahal. I'd like a little more living space than I currently have, and a few thing are lost in there.

This is where the dresser will be moved to. Since my bedroom and this bathroom area will be walled off from my access, Craig is "renting" my toilet so the porta-potty can go back to the supplier.

Desks, tables, boxes of strange things are all contained inside this wall of bookcases in the old office.

My mattress and chair from the bedroom have been moved to the hall.  The linen cabinet is straight ahead. The walnut doors on the left are to another cabinet which houses utility chases and has a bit of storage. Between the two cabinets is a door on the left to the old office. The door to the bedroom is exactly opposite the other door. The linen closet will go, as the hallway will continue on through it and the closet.

Curious Jean-Luc is keeping an eye on everything.

Tom is cutting plywood to board up the hallway.

Nailing up the plywood . . .

I am officially walled off. The drapes and valence ruffles are stacked for disposal. My inclination is just to toss them. Sister thinks we should launder them and give them to the thrift store. I laundered them once and it was a heck of a lot of ironing (drape and lining) to get them back up. They await a decision, since I don't intend to be an ironer.

Entering through the door to the deck, I get my first look at what's going on inside. The mirrored closest doors, shelf and clothes rod are gone. The closet will become an extension of the hall into the two new rooms. The inside wall of where the breakthrough to the new area will be has been removed.

Here's "their" side of the plywood covering the hall.

Covers for the furniture remaining in the rooms:

Top left: tarp over bookcase and extending back over the desks and other stuff
Center: I just liked the reflection of the bookcases in the mirror on the closet door.
Bottom right: the Egyptian mummy in the bedroom

The real breakthrough:  

I am now looking back at the plywood barricade from the new rooms.  The linen closet is gone. House and addition have been joined.
I forgot the champagne. ;-(

The bedroom window is gone, as is part of its former wall. That's where I'll enter the new closet, which will be perpendicular to the old one.

I'm standing in the new office, watching the gold of the afternoon sun play across the floor.

Beautiful sky.

It's coming along.

See you soon.



  1. Looking good! They really are making remarkable progress. I'll raise a toast to your new rooms for you--no, really, it's no trouble!

  2. You're going to love this when it is all done. We'll have to have a party to celebrate, even if it is a cyber party - hey - maybe a blog party is in order!

    Love the picture of you in the mirror taking the picture. Cool.