Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Morning Light.

I've come to depend on the deep thrum-thrum of Tom's truck engine to rouse me -- even as I intermittently peek at the Today Show to absorb the occasional snippet in the background through its first hour -- at precisely 8 a.m.  No thrum-thrum today. I had to get up on my own. It wasn't until I was doing my rounds feeding cats that I heard a car door close outside, but the construction itself now blocks my view of the driveway beside the house. As I went to other windows to try to get a view, the engine started, and Craig's car and Tom's truck pulled out and headed down the street. Must be working on another job site today.

So I wandered outside in my jammies and a down vest and took morning pictures, since I hadn't taken pictures of yesterday's work. Cool but not cold, blue sky with contrails, shadows and patterns.

The shadow of trees on the . . . are these called studs?

Jean-Luc inside, the feral cat Extra outside

A future corner window of my quilting studio

A new delivery of lumber up on the deck

My studio windows will be corner windows, looking out over the oak woodland

Upper left, that corner window, upper right the window for the study

The bay window on the study

Daffodils peeking through. I later pointed them out to Craig in hopes that they won't get trampled.

I think this battered little sprout is my first flower of spring whose life I tracked over several weeks last year. On the day the slab was poured, hail came down and covered the landscape and the concrete people started a fire to keep warm. It's very close to the scrap pile but I'll track it's little life.

Sun filtering through the tree . . . This is the opposite view of the studs with the shade on them.


The feral cat known as Barefoot, who thinks I may be coming to offer more food

Contrails and sun through the tree

Off to get ready to go to Soroptimist at lunch time.

See you soon.


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  1. Making great progress! And how nice to have a wake-up call like that! Mine is more along the lines of a very demanding boycat who can't understand why Mamma would rather sleep than open cans for him!