Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cats and Packing

Saturday - Playing Catch-Up Day by Day

This day consisted largely of sorting and packing, some with purposes beyond merely removing things from the bedroom and the old study. First of all, I had old some boxes in the closet with what I consider travel items  which I’ve gathered before many trips over the years, accumulating little gadgets designed to solve all my travel problems.

In my early days I acquired such things as packets of soap or Woolite, graduating to tubes of soap, all really a bit on the heavy side in aggregation. I got blow-up hangers to hang wet laundry on, until I discovered that hotel-supplied shampoo or body wash cleans clothes just fine, so a stretchy clothesline is all I carry now for laundry. I can’t even list all the things I had which filled a suitcase before I even started to add little things like clothing and shoes. Still, I kept the items stashed in boxes because I don’t throw things away. I or someone else might be able to use them someday!

I need to separate clothing and travel items that I’ll need to keep out from what I can pack away for the duration of construction. There are the items that are trip-specific, such as for an upcoming visit to Yosemite; items for quilt camp which are more extensive than for other travel, such as towels, toiletries, sleeping bag, blankets, and pillows. For Europe, there is my euro-surge-protector, and European plug adapters. There is the possibility of needing clothes for winter, spring and summer seasons, and clothing styles for Provence, to which I might be traveling before the end of the project.

Sorting into separate boxes, including a box for to-be-sorted-later, I emptied 65 hangers of clothing to be donated or dumped. It was a long day doing this project, not to mention laundry for myself and for items to be donated.  Such boring subjects. I took no pictures.

But there are always cats and construction. ;-)

Tiny Kitten sunning itself after that cold foggy night

Long view of the addition from the back

My head in relation to the beam

My head just clears the joists. Whoops!
You see the dermatology work after all.

End view from the front

It was the funniest thing to see the feral cat shinny up a
vertical board and walk expertly along the top.

The cat sits here quite at ease.

Earlier this day, I posted a January Photo A Day of the boys in one nest,
illustrating the word “Together.”  This is "Not Together."

The Affront: Henley with A Paw to the Face of Jean-Luc

The Response: Jean-Luc with a Right to the Knuckle

The Evil Eye and Sparring

Slashing Tails


Peace is made. All's well that ends well.

See you soon.


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