Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Under Way . . .

It feels official today. The contractor put his sign up out front.

The big shadow in the background is roughly the same footprint as the room addition.

These are early drawings. Here is the front elevation at the front of the shady patch. The addition extends the length (width?) of the house

Here's the view of the shadow/footprint from the back side of the house.

And the rear elevation from the same view.

And here is the floor plan of the addition, incorporating my suggested changes to the original proposal. The room on the top will be my study/office/computer room. A bedroom and my dining room table will be reclaimed for their original purposes.

The bottom room will be my quilting studio and I won't have to hoist a sewing machine up on the dining room table or put quilts together on the living room floor.

So maybe . . . the preliminary target for groundbreaking is December 10 . . .

. . . The fun begins.

See you soon . . .  .



  1. Only one question: does the tree get to stay or does it have to go? (Yes, I'm a tree hugger--my back deck was built with a hole in it to accommodate a huge camellia bush that was already there.) Looks like it will be a great space for you!!

    1. It looks like it can be done leaving the tree there. It was a multi-trunk oak and only this trunk is a survivor. One had a rotten core, so don't know how this one's health is. I had a huge beautiful one taken out that was right by the propane tank and towered over the bedroom end of the house. I just lived in fear it would come down on top of me in a storm, and it was pretty rotten on the inside. I do miss its shade, though.

  2. The tree stays- at least we think it does