Friday, November 9, 2012

Sitting in the Quiet

I ignored the TV, which comes on as my wake-up call during the week, having no appointments or other rush to get up this morning. I snuggled the short fluffy throw around me. When I went to bed in the wee-small hours this morning, I discovered someone had pee’d on the long down one, the one which covers my feet as well, so it had been a short (!) restless night as I curled up with just the fluffy one.
I came awake to a “beep” (CO monitor notifying me it has just gone on battery – it starts screaming if its battery gets low), and then silence. You don’t realized how many sounds the systems of your house make until they don’t. Except for a gentle “peep-peep-peep . . .” in the distance from the UPS my computer plugs into, also letting me know it was on standby power.

I opened an eyeball and saw snowflakes drifting down outside. Cats from every quarter were informing me it was time for breakfast. Extra, the cat on the deck, was hopping and flicking his/her ears as each snowflake hit them. The Tiny Kitten just hunkers down, fluffed up, looking like a little chinchilla. Chloe paced and meowed. I could hear Henley and Jean-Luc from the kitten room jumping at the door handle, trying to liberate themselves.

I finally got snowflakes to show up in a photo.
(Click to enlarge if you can't see snowflakes.)

Ugh. Well, first I had to figure out how to shut up the UPS in semi-darkness. I fed all the cats, put the Mr. Coffee carafe on the stove to reheat yesterday’s leftover, then called the power company for an ETA on the return to power. It was something like three hours.

So I’m sitting on the loveseat near a window, taking a quiet opportunity to read some newspaper stories I might otherwise have just breezed over, and to write for a while.

Since the election, I’ve thought to make a comment here on the results, but have been uncertain how to respond to some of the reactions.

The first things I heard were that the message had been heard in Washington: the people want the Congress to work together. The Kumbaya moment. Then hedging seemed to begin, with options being ruled out at the get-go.

At about the time I should have been going to bed last night, I followed a link on Facebook to a blog on just this very discussion. The blogger sounded as if her candidate hadn’t prevailed, but talked about putting the rancor of the election behind and working together toward the solution of the serious problems facing the nation. There were over 300 comments.

At first they were supportive of her theme, but then then the vitriol began. I haven’t been political in this blog, but I will say I was pleased with the outcome of the election. To try to make it really short here, I felt that the election of Romney would indeed take us back to the policies that led to the recession in the first place and undo the slower-than-we-wished digging out of the deep trough we have been in.  I believe that starving a recession (austerity) deepens it, that we must invest in building up the nation first and then handle the debt problem. It must be addressed, but addressing it ahead of all else will deepen the recession. Getting out of the recession is requisite to solving the debt problem.

There are lots of other issues where I disagree with the GOP platform, but since its campaign focus was on the economy, that’s what I’m voicing my concerns about here.

What’s scary in the comments to that blog is the apocalyptic paranoia of some on the losing side. What on earth has whipped them into such a frenzy of fear? They’re literate enough to have a computer and the attention span to read through so many comments, yet they seem driven by the kinds of fears that ran rampant in the world’s darker ages. They are convinced we are in the End Times, or, at the very least, about to turn communist.
We’ve managed to pull through several end-of-the-world dates in recent years. I was in Paris for one of them and figured it wasn't a bad place to be if it came to pass. So if we get through December 21st, the so-called Mayan prediction, will they chill out then? It’s really sad that people are living in that much fear and pain.

Oh. And after one false alarm for power restoration, it is obviously back now, an hour ahead of prediction.

See you soon.


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