Saturday, November 10, 2012

Frolicking in Snow

"They" kept telling us there would be rain and there would be snow, down -- maybe -- to 2500 feet. I'm at approximately 2950 feet. Wednesday was a warm day; Thursday turned cold. Maybe there was some drizzle, nothing impressive. Friday started with a few snowflakes and periods of flurries, but nothing stuck. More drizzle. It seemed like the big storm had passed us by. One of those nights I neglected to close the garage door. Raccoons broke into the new bag of expensive cat food, the one for my indoor hothouse flowers, rummaging past the more sturdily-constructed bag of cheap cat food I get for the ferals. (I've just poured the food from the shredded bag into a metal can, which is why I thought to mention it.)

When I opened my bedroom window before going to bed last night, I heard a car drive by. Crunching something. I peered out and icy snow was falling. (Hmmm. I had a Saturday breakfast date with the Sisters-in-Law and had been told it would be cancelled if there was five inches of snow on the driveway.)

I woke up this morning to less than five inches and an uncertain sky. I offered to drive, with my 4WD car.

I was surrounded with little footprints.

Out front, raccoons

Straight down out my bedroom window, to the side of the house;
cats, a loping raccoon, and an exploratory raccoon

Argh! What happened to the usual pristine snow on the back deck?

I felt sorry for the poor ferals, out there in the cold and wet and snow, although they have a shelter under the patio table, and a soft bed on one of the chairs. Extra came up to the door for breakfast. His/her tail was damp. Awww, kitty.  Later, I saw him lying in the middle of the messy deck snow and ran to the other room to get the camera. By the time I got back, here he was . . .

Extra is frolicking in the snow, leaping around, throwing snowballs into the air.

No wonder the "pristine snow" wasn't!
(Hard to focus on a flying cat.)

By the time I picked up the SILs, the snow had melted on their sunny driveway, but there were still  snowy vistas over the golf course where we went to the country club for breakfast.

And deer on the golf course

The sand trap looks like a giant's foot print.

Pretty flowers still hang on in a patch of snow in front of the country club.

By the time I drop off the SILs, snow has melted at their place and quail are swarming all over the ground.

Close-up of quail

Quilt camp starts next Wednesday. It's at a higher elevation than here. Rain is mentioned in the Tuesday forecast. It always snows at quilt camp.

See you soon.


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