Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursdays Out . . . Spur of the Moment

My little photo detour today was completely unplanned.

It was chilly when I left the house at 10 a.m. for NeedleCrafts, 56° to be precise. Perhaps a little overcast. Unremarkable in any case. When I left the Little House at about 1:30 p.m., it hadn't warmed up much (57°), but the big cedar trees right outside our sewing room framed puffy white clouds against a deep blue sky. Who could resist?

I did a couple of errands in town -- refilled Chloe's prescription at the vet's and got a boatload of mail (guess I haven't left the house in a couple or three days) -- and started toward home with a detour through our complex to drop a form off at a friend's house.

I wasn't in a hurry, but someone was tailgating me at my leisurely pace, so I pulled a quick left into the marina. I still wasn't particularly planning on a photo shoot but then I encountered this.

The last time I'd done photos in the marina, there was no one else there, but given the coolness of the day, there were quite a few people around.

I didn't notice the little string fence line at that point, nor here.

Then I saw this.

Huh? I'm not sure what this does. You have to pick your way carefully down the grassy area to the beach to avoid the carpet of goose poop. Surely this isn't intended to keep geese out of the water? And it doesn't look like it's very effective at keeping them on the water side of the fence. (Dogs who like to chase geese are deputized during the swimming season to come run around and bark at them early in the morning.) The geese have decided this is a sweet spot to live in lieu of all that migration stuff, although I didn't see any today.

These are probably geese tracks in the sand.

These are coots. (I looked up pictures of coots, just to be sure.)

These birds resemble the picture of a black-throated sparrow, but the size and habitat are wrong. Please post a comment if you know what they are. They're lovely little birds. (Little, not tiny.)

Just looking is every direction.

Boats need to be out of the marina for the winter very shortly.

There was a couple walking laps in the parking lot, a very nice place to do so. They were planning three laps (she was going to try for four). If it weren't such a long drive to go for a walk, I'd go over there. (Light bulb over head: drive this way on my post office run and make the stop.)

And I leave the marina past the same flame-colored trees.

When I topped at my friend's to drop off the form, I was in a herd of deer that kept racing across the roadway. Except for this mom, who plopped herself down, and her two babes.

But I mustn't forget that the reason I went out of the house in the first place was to go to NeedleCrafts, where Rose is the first person to get going on a project from a book we all laughed about:

She has one leg done!

And Paula has this colorful pile of what will become a fluffy scarf. Actually, two fluffy scarves.

Good night to all.  See you soon.


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  1. Wow what gorgeous photos from your neck of the woods! What a wonderful "side track" journey. Reminds me of how everytime I start something, one thing leads to another & you never know where you will end up!