Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursdays Out . . . The Loveliest Latté Ever

I knew I had an hour break between the end of NeedleCrafts and a nail appointment, so I took my Kindle along to kill the time. I hadn't been into Mountain Sage in Groveland for a sit-down latté since they'd created a lot more comfy sit-down places. I've usually rushed through for a to-go.

So I was surprised when I was handed this skinny two-shot latté beauty. How the heck did they do that?

Back at NeedleCrafts, Sandy is almost done with this sweet baby-bunting. (Hmm. That is what she called it, isn't it?)

The pretty leaf in the latté is surviving the sipping halfway down.

Rose finished her stretch sox.

Judy finished a cuddly blue knit blanket for the boy baby of new fraternal twins in the family but whipped it away too fast to photograph. She pulled out a giant bundle of pink yarn to get started on one for the little girl.

I'm down almost to the bottom of the latté and still the leaf is there.

For good measure, I'm throwing in a picture of the tiny kitten. I'd love to pick it up and cuddle it in my hand, and although it comes quite close to me, if a make a move toward it, it skitters away.

It took draining the cup to demolish the leaf in the latté. Maybe it's cream? Even in a skinny latté? Whatever the secret, it sure was good.

This was a brief break I took before a busy upcoming weekend. Sister and Brother-in-Law are hosting an Oktoberfest at their house and the "Garage-Mahal" for their Morgan-driving compatriots. I'll be attending and hope there are tasks that can be delegated to me to help out. (I require supervision.) I'll see you when the dust settles.


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