Wednesday, October 31, 2012

goblins and ghosties

I once got caught in the traffic jam that is Halloween Trick or Treat in beautiful downtown Groveland, but I'd never stopped to check out the festivities. Tonight, though, I had decided to go and take pictures, despite predictions of an advancing rain storm. That's what I got my spectacular pink waterproof jacket for, after all.

I drove past full parking lots at the library and the park and streams of people walking from there into the center of town. Not to worry . . . it's not a major hike, although slightly hazardous in lacking anything resembling a sidewalk until you get right downtown. I didn't feel surefooted enough for that walk with dusk due before long. I could just picture myself tumbling into the blackberry bushes in roadside ditches or something equally fun.

I took a lot of pictures and am including a bunch of them here. It didn't do my usual collaging to reduce the number -- that takes quite awhile and Halloween spirit might be long-gone by the time I finished -- but I did resize a smaller than usual to save some loading time.

I head toward the Haunted House. A pirate is checking her weapon.

Looks like he met a grisly end.

Roasting marshmallows

I saw this mysterious guy all over town all evening. Maybe
those girly jackets over his arm are just a tricky disguise.

Some iffy-looking jailers

Trick or treat

Streaming through

What's happenin' in here?

Little witches lurking in the planter boxes

More new arrivals

Streaming in

What a sweetie

Two tots eye each other.

What in the . . . ?

Eewwww . . .


Future footballer

Lined up (Grandma looks tired)

Coming and going from both directions

Lines at the Haunted House now

Getting dark and precarious footing

Stilts and his wife


It didn't rain and it didn't cool way down

Trick or treaters were still arriving when I left, although I think the ages were trending older. I was impressed at the turn out of hosts and guests.

See you soon.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Taste of Chicken for Dinner

Every other year, the Free Church Women's Ministries of the Groveland Evangelical Free Church sponsor a quilt show. They draw on local quilters to fill the church with quilts for a one day show. There are 132 quilts listed in this year's show catalog. The Pine Needlers Quilt Guild holds a Quilt Stroll through downtown Groveland in alternate years. Put that on your calendar for June 8, 2013.

I approached photography of this show with my new philosophy, a focus on the quilt show, rather than on the individual quilts. So that includes people looking at the quilts and views from funny angles. Even though, for the most part, I didn't take individual pictures of quilts, I still took 51 photos in addition to what I have in this blog.

This one concentrates on one quilt that I went back to look at more closely at a friend's recommendation. I'm in the mood for something humorous and this is it.

Wina Helm, a local quilter, uses bright colors and lots of whimsy in her prodigious output of quilts. She saw a quilt, Chicken for Dinner, displayed at a (reasonably) nearby winery and someone found the pattern for her. She made her Chicken for Dinner in 2011-12. (Wina, that seems unusually slow for you! ) It was machine quilted by Dee Small.

I'm giving you a taste of the show, an advance on organizing the other 51 photos, with Wina's Chicken for Dinner, block by block.


Chicken for Dinner

Chicken Caesar

Chicken A La King

Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken in a Basket

Southern Fried Chicken

Chicken Italiano

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Divan
Chicken Gumbo

Stewed Chicken

Hawaiian Chicken

Chicken Stew

See you soon!