Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where's that safe place?

I’m one of those hopelessly geeky air travelers that dangles one of those things from your neck that holds your boarding pass, your passport, your Clipper card or BART ticket, your Flying Blue Card, leftover Paris Metro tickets, or whatever else you might need to show en route to official checkers. For several days as I’ve been gathering things for my upcoming trip, I had just the tiniest bit of unease at not coming across the geeky neck dangle. Several of the items I carry are stored in it. Friday morning at 2:30 a.m., that unease blossomed into full on panic. I could not go to bed until it was found. This is one of those unfortunate circumstances where I suspect I put it in a “safe place.” We all know what happens at a certain age when we put something in a safe place.

The normal place, where it usually goes, is in one of two or three boxes stacked in the corner of my closet. Those boxes hold incidentals that are routinely used for travel, and a few specialty items for use at particular destinations. My own very packable towel set to take to Quilt Camp comes to mind. That’s where I should have tossed it. Otherwise, I should have put it in the safe.

It wasn’t in the safe and three searches through the boxes failed to yield it. I began searching other drawers, with particular emphasis on the less jammed ones. Maybe I tucked it up on the shelf with the purses and bags I’ve accumulated. (How many of those stylish glam pieces will I ever really use?) All purses onto the floor and searched. I looked in my travel back pack. I looked in a big plastic box that had been feeding me new clothing items after a huge shopping splurge months and months ago. (Why did I let my Sister-in-Law convince me that the good looks of a few pairs of pants were worth sacrificing pockets?)

I went back and rummaged through my scarf drawer, where I’d found my camera battery charger – after it had been missing for many months and had been replaced at one of those hefty proprietary battery charger prices.

Where the gremlins returned the camera battery charger
The battery charger had been sitting right on top, obvious as soon as the drawer was opened, but the dangle wasn’t even buried there.

It was approaching 4:00 a.m. Could it have been left at my sister’s house in the Bay Area after the last trip, with the few personal effects I store in a drawer there? Sister is up here at the Mountain House, but Brother-in-Law had gone down for overnight to move some items up to the mountains. I could call him . . . but decided it was too early and/or too late to do that any time soon.

I reached idly for the center center drawer in my nine-drawer 3x3 dresser, sure that I’d checked it, forgetting even what I keep in it.

The geeky neck dangle thing
With the camisoles? That I only wear in the winter? Why would I put it there? What was my logical reason? Obviously, the gremlims hid it, only bringing it back when I was about to sink into despair.

Now, they can get to work on these items, still missing:
  1. The lovely little wooden toothpick holder Sister had given me, knowing of my desperate need for a toothpick after every meal. Last seen on KLM Flight 605 from Amsterdam to San Francisco on June 17.
  2. 3 euros in coin. I brought it home with a starter stash of euro bills for the next trip, to use in a train ticket dispensing machine at the Strasbourg airport.

Yup. I'll see you sooner or later.



  1. Very funny and so real! These days, I immediately put things in their places because if I don't -- say the phone rings, I get distracted... I'll have to go through the same crazy search you just went through!
    I look forward to your trip!

    1. I hope I'll have WiFi and the energy to stay awake to blog!