Thursday, September 13, 2012

=====>>> Swoosh! ====>> At the quilt show, #1

I arrived in France with 28 hours of no real sleep. That was about a week ago. I crashed early that first evening and slept through until the next morning, awaking in sync with my new time zone, nine hours ahead of home. But my jet lag seems to have lagged, chipping away at me as time went by, rather than beginning big. My back has hurt, my legs have hurt, and I have depended on my stick (technically, a trekking pole) to keep me from tumbling on my nose.

Just a feeling of going through the motions, waiting for something to wake me up. Looking at two consecutive nine-hour days in several other little towns for the quilt show sounded brutal. Today that regimen would begin. With an earlier-than-usual start.

It was really cold yesterday, with some rain. It had really poured for a bit the day before, the day we transferred from Strasbourg to Colmar. This morning was still brisk, but the clouds were doing interesting things as we rode in the bus from Colmar to Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, in the Val d'Argent. The French countryside whizzing by my window began to work on me.

In Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines

It took awhile to settle in -- for Jeanne to get our tickets, for Marie and me, who were hanging out together, to figure out the map and where the damned venues were hidden. But it only took turning on the camera once for me to realize that what I didn't want to do was wait for people to get out of the way for me to take that unimpeded, perfectly focused, absolutely squared-away photo of each quilt, that I would look at later and wonder why I had done that. I decided I wanted to take pictures of a quilt show, not just quilts.

Right now, here, I'm including just one venue, the one we finally found first, exposition #8, "The Collection of John M. Walsh III," United States, in the Lieu d'Art et de Culture (LAC).

Carrefour Européen du Patchwork


Three-legged dog wants some lovin'. His companion wants to hide.

This was only the start of what is exhibited in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines. Marie and I visited two other expositions here, and there are at least two more we'd like to see out of something like 10. We have three more towns to see on Friday and enough photos for the foreseeable future. And here we thought the time would be hard to fill.

See you soon.



  1. You got a couple of quilts that I missed. What a wonderful recap of our day! Hope we can make it through to the rest of the places we want to see today!