Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursdays Out . . . Short-Winded

If I kept up with daily life, maybe I wouldn't be so long-winded playing catch-up.

We had 12 ladies today at NeedleCrafts working on a variety of projects.  My eye (and camera) always goes to the bright spots.

Barbara's pincushions and Rose's sweater

Sha's summer scarf

Judy is embroidering pillowcases that were found in her late mother's sewing projects.

Diligence and laughter 

I puttered a little bit with doing a fix-it on my travel jeans -- the just-pull-them-up jeans that won't stay up -- but lacked a piece of needed equipment. Then I almost finished up the second block on the quilt I'm appliqueing, but discovered the reason I hadn't finished it before is that there is an errant cut in one of the pieces that requires some creative fiddling with. No picture. I'll do one next week when I have two blocks out of  . . . as many as I can make from my blue and white French fabric collection.

And that's about it for my exciting day.

See you soon.


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