Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick Thoughts

A few catch-ups:

The Frying Pan That Shall Remain Nameless:

Fried egg, YES.

Poached egg, NO.

I've yet to find a cooking vessel that poached egg doesn't stick to. I'm sure not allowed to use an SOS pad on The Frying Pan.  "Fry" may be its only permissible use.

  I guess I won't cook poached egg tomorrow.
*     *     *  
They squirted tar in all the cracks in the road sometime before February, 2011.

Patchwork Pavement has a certain elegance viewed from outer space. It provides a strong contrast to other boring streets it connects with.

(click to get the "view from space" effect)
2012 map data
 Patch FAIL.

(This is a first: the animated graphics are moving!)

*     *     *
This hat?  New.

Or this hat?

Older and smelled dusty, but has a tag that said it is hand washable. I doubt that it's machine dryable. This is hand-drying:

*     *     *

I'll be meeting Kathy at the San Francisco airport where we're on the same flight to the French Alps trip. We'll be looking for the Other Kathy, whom we have not met. Kathy sent Other Kathy an email with a picture of her carry-on with a ribbon like mine (here on my carry-on),

and telling her to look for two old bags with the ribbons. (I hope she has a picture of us together to send, too.) Other Kathy is traveling on another airline to the French Alps, but we'll all be killing the same pre-flight time at SFO.

*     *     *

 Kitty love. Hope we'll get through it.
See you some time.



  1. Bon voyage! Les Alpes vous attendent!

  2. I love the moving graphics! Great job! I think is proof that your trip is off to the right start. Enjoy!