Friday, June 22, 2012

Picture Perfect Lake Geneva/Lac Léman

First full day on the French Alps Tour . . . June 9

The Kathys and I were 2nd, 3rd and 4th to be picked up by Paul and Cynthia, our tour leaders and driver (in Paul's case). We'd all arrived a day early, all had selected the same hotel. Effie, our Australian lady, was already in the van. We stopped at a hotel in the center of Geneva to pick up our other three travelers, a couple from Massachusetts and their long-time friend, recently widowed.

After a brief drive around Geneva, we headed north, along the shore of Lake Geneva, or as it is known by the French, Lac Léman. It's one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and falls under the jurisdiction of three Swiss Cantons and the Haute-Savoie in France. It's average surface elevation is 1,220 feet above sea level, putting Geneva at a much lower elevation than I imagined it to be. I guess I had it confused with Machu Picchu or Tibet (the Alps thing, I suppose). :-)

We were dropped off in the Old Town of Yvoire, which sits at the figurative division of Lac Léman into the "Grand Lac" to the east and the "Petit Lac" to the west and south.

Entering the old walled city

Harbor on the Petit Lac side of Yvoire

The arrival of a lake boat

Parasols and sunshine

A departure in a rubber raft (with company)

Around the corner at Grand Lac

Little harbor


Le cygne

L'église St Pancrace d'Yvoire

A glimpse back


Forbidden to cats

Vroom vroom (Ne Pas Touche!)

No service, no happy, no stay. Two of us went in here separately (at different times) and were given no acknowledgement whatsoever, not even an eyebrow lift, by the waitress. I waited 20 minutes before I walked out.

Cynthia directed me here, where Effie was having a good experience. Fast and friendly.

Crêpe fromage

We sat at a table for little people. Effie is small. She didn't notice. A kid passing by with her Mom looked at us askance, like "what are they doing in the children's seats, Mommie?" Maybe it really was only for little people.


Bicycle rack

My room at the Aravis Lodge. A bustling ski lodge in the winter, Paul closes it for our exclusive use, French chef and all, for this tour.

Room accommodates several skiers

We meet for refreshments and they greeted me with a birthday cake. Happy 75th! This was all that was left by the time I got out my camera.

The view out my back door as clouds are lowering over the mountains

Table set for dinner

Pork loin with a (wine?) sauce and apricots on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes

What a perfect day!

The adventure will continue.



  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Thanks for visiting Yvoire.

    Happy to see that you enjoyed Yvoire and the lake.
    Have a good journey.