Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Things Coming to an End . . . June 16

A few hours ago, I posted my June 16 photo on Facebook for the June Photo A Day challenge I'm participating in. Appropriate for this day, yet at the same time a bit ironic in the way I'm actually spending it, is the OUT AND ABOUT topic.

Out and About

The trip is over. I fly home tomorrow from Geneva. You may think you've missed something about this trip and you have, but I'll catch you up when more of my time is more my own, and not just jet-lagged late nights. Our trip organizer, Cynthia, missed last evening's farewell dinner due to car trouble, so we didn't get a proper goodbye. This morning, her tour partner and driver-extraordinaire gathered up us seven participants at our hotel in Aix-les-Bains and headed out to deposit us at points in the French and Swiss countryside of our choosing.

Effie, our ultra-traveler from Australia, headed out by train from Chambery to her third (or is it forth?) organized tour in a long trip from Down Under. Kathy 2 was left off at the Geneva airport, flying out today. I was dropped off at my hotel for overnight for a flight tomorrow morning at 7:15. Kathy 1 is staying in Geneva for several days, so was lucky to find a hotel in competition with a bazillion people here for a sailing whoop-de-do on Lake Geneva over those same several days.

The remaining three, who have chosen to remain anonymous, are off to Chamonix and Italy and some other adventures. I'll create pseudonyms and imaginary back-stories for them when they appear in our activities.

My photo for Photo A Day was taken on the drive into Geneva and I've been ensconced in my hotel since I arrived. Since I plan to walk to the airport in the morning, I plan to do a test walk later today, but aside from that, I'm catching up: on the blogs I read, a bit of the blog I write, on my Facebook friends, on email. Heck, even writing my notes about our activities in my little Pocket Itinerary.

I'm sitting on a clean white bed. The room decor is simple to the point of austerity. I'm thinking of it as monastic. It's clean. It's shabby, but not seedy. The lady at reception is exceptionally nice and helpful, and sounds as if American English is her original tongue. Although in Switzerland, who knows? She would print my boarding pass for me if Air France and KLM would stop giving me the "Internet check-in is not available at this time, please try later" message.

There is an open window and I hear street noise below. It feels like it's warming up and there is no a/c. I'll get over it. French hotels with a/c get set at arctic temperatures by hotel chambermaids, so I'll appreciate it if it reaches the level of "hot."

Room with a view

There's a restaurant downstairs (although not the hotel's) that I think I'll get dinner at. Meanwhile, for lunch I've eaten my bag of chocolate pralines with a walnut on top that I bought at an artisinale chocolaterie miles kilometres from any population centers.

Gone  :-(

It's possible I won't be able to resist a nap at some time this afternoon.

See you soon.



  1. Is it over already? I've had such a busy week I can't imagine that yours is coming to close. Can't wait to hear all of the details and see the pictures.

    1. A heart-stopping suspension in time . . .