Thursday, June 14, 2012


Tried to post this repeated times last night (Wednesday) and my computer chewed up the words. It’s now Thursday evening. Wish me luck!
Lake Geneva, Yvoire FRANCE

The plan: blog about daily life, even if, no, especially if, traveling sardine class.
The reality is that we're on the move on French Alps Tours from morning until late afternoon, by which time we're ready for afternoon coffee, tea and/or cake. With a break to freshen up, we follow it with a beautiful meal and stimulating after-dinner conversation.

I go to my room (I think) bright-eyed and ready to blog. By the time I download the photos taken that day,  post a theme picture for Photo A Day and make a couple of notes on the prospective blog topic, I am nodding off over my computer. It's frustrating, but I'm saving up.

I mentioned last time (long, long ago) that I was missing my passport when I reached my Geneva hotel room. I didn't intend to leave you in suspense this long, just a little bit. By now you're over waiting with bated breath, don't care, made assumptions.

It was one of those seriously sinking moments when I failed to find that little official document anywhere in my room, and I struck out at the reception desk and knocking at Kathy's door. What now . . .

I took a nap. A restless nap, playing in my mind when I'd last had it. I had it to check in. In between, Kathy and I had exchanged room numbers. She wrote her room number and Other Kathy's number on the back of my key card holder.  We'd tapped on Other Kathy's door with no answer, then separated to rest up for what had diminished to an hour. We had agreed to meet later in the lobby.

She'd written the room numbers on my key card holder. She'd handed back the holder and I'd felt just the slightest tick of unease at the exchange that was at such a low level of intensity it passed by in the moment without triggering any kind of response in me.
Kathy must have my passport, I thought.

I met her in the lobby at the appointed time. She'd gone out to have an adventure, a search for somewhere to have dinner that wouldn't bankrupt us. She did not think that she had noticed anything about my passport, but we went to her room to look anyway. A passport in her little backpack? Yes. Hers. Mine absolutely wasn't in there.

Then she lifted her maps off the table, and, there was a passport. She looked inside its cover and it was mine. It all clicked on both of us. I'd handed her my passport to provide a firm surface to write on the key card holder. She'd handed me the list and gathered my passport  up with her maps and deposited it on the desk in her room. It didn't look any different from hers, but it wasn't hers. Whew!

A little later we gathered Other Kathy together with us and went out to dinner and to get acquainted. Other Kathy also made it perfectly clear that Kathleen was not an acceptable solution to the two Kathy confusion. The resolution is Kathy 1 and Kathy 2.

Already tonight I am at the googly-eyed stage and must save our next adventures until next time.

See you soon. (Maybe.)


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  1. I'm so relieved to hear that your passport has reappeared. Whew! I think that's my biggest fear when traveling abroad.