Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where Was This Photo Taken?

One of my blogging friends is seeking any information she can get about where this photo of her grandfather was taken. He died when she was just a baby, but she has a yearning to find out more about this. On the back of the picture is handwritten what appears to be "Indy." It's unknown whether that's a name, a nickname, or short for a location. She also believes he served in Belgium during WWII.

I asked her whether I could show the photo around and she said yes. If you can identify the location, please put it in the Comments below and I will get your information to her.

Click on the photo to make it larger. The next size up doesn't fit the margins of this blog template.

Thanks for your help.

See you soon.



  1. Oh I wish I could help but there are so many squares in Europe that look like that. Best of luck to your friend!

  2. Sorry, I'm no help either. Maybe if you could get her permission, we could all post it to our sites and see where it leads?

  3. Who knew it would be as easy as asking my father? LOL Thanks for all your help, ladies!