Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moonrise

Driving around looking for a clear view eastward: no poles or wires, a nice contour to the horizon for the moon to rise up from, not scary-isolated. That last criterion eliminated my very first choice, a beautiful view, but haunted by a murdered young woman. I'm spooked there, even in broad daylight, even if someone is with me.

Nearer to home I scouted a place. I met another lady doing the same. I didn't like it, the view had obstructions to dodge. I told her where I wanted to try next and we both went there. There were a few other photographers there.

I've had little success with moon photos. Always wiggly. I read a little bit in the huge supplemental manual I have for my camera. I put the camera on a little tripod and set it for delayed shots so I wouldn't wiggle it pressing the button. I set it for continuous autofocus so I didn't have to depress the button halfway. That meant I couldn't use auto in general. So I set the aperture. No clue which to choose.  T'ain't professional but I like well enough how (some of) the pictures came out.

Goose families surround us.

Did the moon come up but it's too light out to see it?

Peeking over the trees at 08:12:38

You're getting the blow by blow here.

Fully risen by 08:15:48 

Looks like more spectating than photography going on here.

So golden

Click on it ... you can see the geese better.

Geese by super moonlight

Lights along the shoreline

The white way . . . time to go home, 08:27:15
Freezing this in time

See you soon.



  1. Gorgeous photos? Where did you shoot these? Reminds me of my favorite lake in Wisconsin.

    1. It's a little private lake where I live in Northern California, fairly near Yosemite.

      Thanks for stopping by. I'll be starting my journey to your neighborhood a month from now.

  2. You live where it looks like people normally go for vacation!!! The moon is fantastic. I saw ours (on the East Coast) just out my bedroom window but I was going to sleep so didn't photograph it. Thanks for your photos!

    1. It IS a vacation destination for many. There's a bit of a Town/Gown relationship between residents and vacationers, but we need them all to keep our small-town merchants in business for those of us who don't want to drive for miles for everything.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your 'moon shots'. Our sky has been cloudy with a little rain late in the evenings. But about three in the morning the moon makes its way to the half round in my bedroom, illuminating the whole house. Wild.

    1. I also gave you an award today. Enjoy.