Friday, May 11, 2012

Meanwhile . . . life gallops on, more or less as usual


I actually cooked something for dinner tonight. It was only an omelet, but it's very tasty and has been my go-to choice in the past. I hadn't made it lately and suddenly remembered it. Then I had  this disaster:

This is not an abstract art piece, although I think it would make a nice one. Sob. I left my microwave food cover on the stove-top where the oven vented. Who knew . . . ?

I think I may have demonstrated my omelet previously, but it tasted so good tonight. Preheat the broiler. Whip up two eggs (these were pretty old, since I hadn't done this in awhile, but I don't think that's a requirement) with a little water and shake or two of salt. Oh, first microwave a serving of sweet white corn and let it drain while the eggs cook on the stove top in a frying pan sprayed with olive oil cooking spray.

I'm thinking I took this picture after putting it under the broiler to finish off the top of the omelet and puff it up more. The puff part doesn't last, unfortunately for the aesthetics of the situation. Meanwhile, you should return the corn to its cooking bowl so you can use the strainer to drain the salsa. I use a medium salsa from the fresh salsa department.

Spoon the drained salsa over the omelet and add the corn. (It doesn't really need to be spread.)

Pop it back under the broiler to heat the salsa and reheat the corn. I leave the door open so I can closely monitor all this broiling. My broiler is quite speedy. This whole meal takes about ten minutes to prepare.

Slide the omelet out of the pan, tilting the pan so the omelet folds. I use non-fat sour cream, a really great brand that has the taste and consistency of regular sour cream, and it keeps forever. (How can you tell if your sour cream has gone sour? As long as there's no green stuff on it?)

I had to take two trips to our little town to get my manicure today. Something about there being a difference between 11:00 and 1:00. On the first trip I got an unwelcome missive in the mail. You may need to click on its pieces to read it. The next enlargement size up doesn't fit on the page. It's from the Franchise Tax Board. That's the California income tax people, in case your state has a different name for the function. I've excised personal data which might cause someone to, oh I dunno, pay my taxes for me?

Do click on that Explanation of Revisions. It means I made a mistake. I checked, like they said to do, and all I did was to transpose a couple of little numbers. I reported that I'd sent them $4864 when what I should have said was that I'd sent them $4684, so naturally they think I owe them $180 more than what my tax forms (as I turned them in) say I do. All calculations being interconnected, this same error will also apply to what I reported to the federal people about what I paid to California.  I'm thinking it would be a good idea to file amendments to both federal and state or these same numbers will haunt calculations forever into the future.

Meanwhile, since I decided that the quilts I took off the racks to show Lois on Tuesday evening were dusty and could do with a nice washing, I started the process. I partially dry them in the dryer but like to finish them off by hanging. A haze of yellow pollen all over the deck precludes the use of deck rails this time, so I throw them over shower rods. Jean-Luc's duty in life is to unhang them. Henley is watching me (below) as I pick up after the most recent unhanging. 

These two are done drying and I put them back on the quilt rack.

Sister and Brother-in-Law are down at their City home this weekend, vacating the Mountain House so that they'll be away from the mess while the roof is replaced. I went to check on roof progress. Looks like no roof progress, but a gate has been constructed on the entry to the new deck extension -- to keep the deer off the deck and out of the house!

Lovely iris, one of the few deer proof flowers in the neighborhood.


We had a good group at NeedleCrafts, but I didn't take any pictures and didn't do much else for the day, so consider Thursdays Out as herein included.


Soroptimist (mission: improving the lives of women and girls in our community and throughout the world) had an awards luncheon to honor three women in the community (including one young high school woman) for service of various types that promote our mission. Their families were also invited to see their honoree receive her award. In addition, six other young women received their new membership pins for joining S-Club at the high school, a group mentored by Soroptimist along with its faculty advisor. These young women are so impressive ... there are some good ones out there in the next generation!

Chicken breast with an artichoke sauce, salad and roll.
Where did I put that chocolate brownie?

To end a meeting, Soroptimists join hands and say the Soroptimist pledge. Here we're getting a whole room load of women (and one man there for an honoree) in a giant circle, quite an operation to rearrange everyone.

Leaving the meeting on a beautiful day.


It wasn't all fun and games with old college mates. I got to go to chez le dentiste to have that incipient toothache from last week taken care of in good time before I leave on my French Alps trip. While my mouth was open, I had him replace an adjacent filling for good measure. All the anesthetic had disappeared, so no problem with my good dinner with friends.

These red wildflowers have been extensive on the steep old grade down the hill to the little city this year. I scrabbled along this not-to-generous shoulder of the road to get somewhat close to these, but I did have to use a bit of telephoto.


I was supposed to be working on my pocket itinerary for the trip. I'm supposed to be working on it every day until it's done. I've done some, but I do get distracted. Maybe this weekend. I only have to produce one this time, not like this.


The pair of shoes I had ordered to try on when my daughter and I went to the street festival and shopping a couple of Saturdays ago was in. I chose Sunday to go get them and take in a movie on the same trip. The shoes fit. The movie was The Five Year Engagement. Not great cinema but amusing entertainment and it didn't require a pocketful of tissues. Here are the shoes. I've been trying to break them in. (Who needs to break in SAS shoes besides me???)

There was the whole other matter of the cute tennis shoes I'd seen, but it didn't fit my left foot and they didn't have a bigger size. I suppose we could have ordered a trial version, like we did with the SAS, but I think no one thought of it. They had a pink stripe across the toe that visually shortened my long skinny foot. They were very light weight. They were cool. I looked at them again on this trip and mentally noted the brand and model so I could look it up on Zappos or such-like.

I forgot the brand name by the time I got to the car. Roundabout on the Internet I figured out what it must be. Their sizing recommendations are to order a size larger than normal. Aha! That was the problem. It wasn't on Zappos. I had to go to the manufacturer's site. I ordered a pair:

They're so cute. They're so radical. They're so not like anything I've ever bought, but I just love them. This turns out to be a running shoe. I hardly walk, but I'm expecting big things, especially after seeing that there are three springs in them. I am going to fly!

Just look at what's in those suckers. I sure hope they fit.

Yes, I "did" the week backwards. I was a little bored doing in the regular sequence.

See you soon.



  1. The roof is next week. Now you know why I pay the CPA to do the taxes.
    What brand are the shoes?

  2. I could just as well have transposed the numbers in providing them to an accountant as I did in entering them in TurboTax.

    If you mean my running shoes, it's Spira. I couldn't remember it last night, but I just flashed on it. I keep thinking "something like Syria." Three letters right, wrong order.

  3. That is one impressive omelette and the edges are so clean and perfect. Mine don't always come out so 'photogenic'.

    The tax missive is enough to make me cringe. I suppose you recall how much I have mentioned that I hate tax season, despise the tedious accounting, and have to pull receipts from every farm vehicle for various services. Yikes!

    Sounds like the rest of your week was pretty good. The flowers are lovely. Don't you just love irises?

  4. The omelette looks very inviting. I'm impressed by its neatness. Mine never come out looking that good. Dang it. Now I'm hungry! I love to put green and red peppers along with onions inside and then sprinkle cheddar cheese on top. Mmmmm. Dang it. Now I gotta go make one!